Journey to The Green Room--Because Dreams DO Come True!

Journey to The Green Room--Because Dreams DO Come True!

By Yolanda (Yanni) Brown

Whomever said that dreams don’t come true clearly wasn’t sleeping in my bed!I’ve been a dreamer for as long as I can remember.Dreams take time for some and for others it happens just like that.For me, the dream came to life when I fell in love with me and shared with others how I got there.It’s been an amazing journey of getting up, falling down, living, loving, losing and finding it all again. It was then that I knew that we all have a story.I’m hoping that my story can make a difference to help others heal and share their stories. With all that I’ve been through I’ve never stopped dreaming or believing.

On Sunday, October 23, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. I’ll be living my dream out loud.

I’m hosting an intimate discussion and book signing at The Green Room Actor’s Lounge, created by Actress, Writer, Producer, Teacher and Philanthropist Terri J. Vaughn.

The calendar of events page reads “Author and Relationship Educator, Yolanda “Yanni” Brown,” and wow that’s me!

I’m going there to share and bare it all in the name of love.  I’ll share excerpts and poems from my book, Making Love Better Begins Within, and will share with attendees how to live life passionately on purpose.

While dreaming you never know who you will connect with or why but, being true to who you are, being consistent and persistent speaks to the dream and can open opportunities for them to come true.

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to have a conversation with Terri J. Vaughn, let alone be invited to her beautiful place but, I am a dreamer and more importantly I’m a believer.

I’m excited that I’m going to a place that is all about living life passionately on purpose. The Green Room is a charming theatrical bookstore that instantly embraces you with its comforting and inviting environment. It’s more than a bookstore. The ambiance is like home. An amazing way for people to come there and connect, hang out on sofas while different classic movies run on the screens.

People literally hang out like they’re in their living rooms and that’s what they feel like and what I connected to. I can feel the love in the Green Room from Chicago.

So for all of my dreamers don’t ever stop because dreams do come true!

Be willing to follow your dreams wherever they may lead you! I believe that it is difficult to know where you are going if you don’t acknowledge and accept where you’ve been.



If you are in the Atlanta area we would love to have you join us at:

The Green Room Actors Lounge 25D Bennett St. Atlanta, GA. 30309

Sunday, October 23, 2011 from 3:00pm- 5:00pm
THIS EVENT IS FREE TO ATTEND & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC                                                        

Atlanta RSVP today for your chance to win your Journey to Love prize pack!

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