“Love On Top”

“Love On Top”

By Yolanda (Yanni) Brown

I’m often asked, ‘what’s love got to do with it?’ and my answer is always the same “Absolutely everything.”

You see LOVE saturates your soul on a rainy day and then some! A bigger question that I have is, if LOVE came for you, are you open to receiving it or giving it?

Falling in LOVE can be beautiful if you remove the layers of hurt, heartache and pain to see the beauty and potential in it. Not everyone is meant to be your husband or your wife but an experience. That experience–even in the midst of pain–can be a beautiful learning tool designed to prepare you for that one! That experience however beautiful it can be is there, so that you will know what good love is, feels, looks and tastes like.

Conversely, LOVE can hurt you like no other, offering no comfort or resolution, leaving you empty, heartbroken and alone.

This is no different from falling off your bike, and scraping your hands and knees. The idea is to heal, learn from your mistakes and get back on your bike and ride like there’s no tomorrow.

What I’m saying is this… LOVE is meant to be shared, enjoyed, admired, marveled and yeah, sometimes it hurts.

Pain is no reason not to experience it again and if need be again. I would rather to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Love makes the world go around and it is needed more than you know.

LOVE is like the sun, you just simply cannot live without it. When LOVE is good you feel it all over you. It’s in everything that you do. It oozes from your pores and you can see it from around the corner.

Love is about taking a chance that HE or SHE is the one and you are willing to work it out, walk it out and talk it out with. It’s about finding someone that you can’t live without. It’s about having someone who is there when life gets complicated and it will. Love is being committed to the commitment, about giving and taking while simultaneously giving and taking because somewhere in all of that compromising you both discovered a greater part of your relationship, the WE factor. Someone who is willing to do LOVE TwoGether.

WE are all damaged goods and we are kidding ourselves if we think anything less. However we should all be ready to put in the work, peel back and reveal the layers that made us who we are in order to put Love on Top!

Love doesn’t always get a fair shake because it’s easier to talk about what’s wrong rather than share what’s right. Please share with us your “Love On Top” moment.

“Romance is about the possibility of things. You see it’s about the time between when you first meet some fine woman and when you first make love to her. And when you first ask a woman to marry you and when she says I do. When people that have been together for a long time say the romance is gone, what they’re really saying is that they’ve exhausted the possibility.” — Darius Lovehall- Love Jones

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