Urbanathlon “Me” Challenge -- My Journey to Becoming a HOT Brown Chick!

by Dr. Dawgelene Sangster

A year ago, I reached my breaking point with being overweight.

I was wearing a size 20 and the clothes seemed like they were getting bigger. For some people that size may be fine, but for someone like me who was as small as a size 4 when I was 19, that size was just unacceptable. I kept using excuses of food sticking to me as I got older, or that it was just baby fat. Since my “baby” was turning 18 that year, the excuse of “baby fat” was not viable anymore.

The reality is that I was being lazy. I was making time for everyone and everything else, except the time to exercise and lose weight for me. I finally decided to start my journey to overall better fitness in 2010.

What was different about 2010 than other years when I would start and then stop? The difference was that in my heart and mind, I wanted better on a personal level. I wasn’t doing it for the likes of others, but because I knew that it was time to stop the lazy excuses and do something.

I set out to try different appetite suppressants, which worked to get some pounds off, but as soon as I stopped taking them, the pounds would gradually come back. I realized that the suppressants weren’t the problem; it was me NOT exercising for at least 30 minutes a day. So, I created an exercise regiment.

Phase I Regimen

I decided that I would modify my eating habits a bit more and then crank up the exercise regimen. I was already a vegetarian, so I was trying to eat the right foods, but the exercise was missing. I did the following:
–   Removed most sweets from my meals, potatoes and bread
–   Added daily vitamins, biotin, vitamin e, calcium, and PLENTY of water
–   Began exercising on a consistent basis, starting with 15 minute routines in the AM and before bed
–   A week into the routine, started walking for 30 minutes, and doing jumping jacks, pushups and jump rope 5 days/week
–   Purchased hand weights and started using those 3 times/week

I started to see a noticeable difference in how my clothes fit and how I felt physically. But after I saw improvements, I wanted more.

I added Phase II that consists of training for an Urbanathlon with the Follow My Lead Youth Music and Life Foundation. The founder, Morris Brent, is such an advocate for health, and when he started the challenge, I was ready for it.

The training started August 20th and runs for 8 weeks until race day, which is October 15th. The purpose is to help raise funds to pay for inner-city kids to participate in a music and arts program that is changing lives one child at a time.

We are being trained by professional trainers that have volunteered their time to help us get fit over 8 weekends on Saturdays and Sundays, from 8am-10am on the lakefront. Check out the video from week 3 training and join us if dare!

To find out more information about the challenge or the organization we are training with, go to www.fmlymlf.org

Phase II Regimen (training video):


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