Sometimes You Must Disconnect in Order to Get Connected

Sometimes You Must Disconnect in Order to Get Connected

by Yolanda (Yanni) Brown We’ve become a technology-based society where virtually everything is a click away. We are exposed to more information now than ever before.

Many of our children are overexposed, over-protected, not protected enough, disengaged, and disconnected. While we have access to everything, there is so much missing from today that will affect us tomorrow.

Some may call me old fashioned but I believe that sometimes we have to disconnect in order to get connected. Whatever happened to the block club–the real ones that looked after the block and children?

With the real block club, an outsider could never come on the block causing trouble because the block didn’t play that.

What about the games that taught us social skills, communication and how to interact with each other, games such as Kick the Can? Double Dutch, Hopscotch, or even “IT”? Whatever happened to kids knowing full well to be inside the house when the streetlights come on, not on your way to the house, but in the house!

Whatever happened to our Sunday soul food dinners, where we gathered around the table to hear Big Momma’s stories and family history that were passed down through generations?

When we miss time with our elders, we miss experiences, such as when we watched our great grandmothers prepare dinners over and over, until we had the recipe in our heads, and never had to write them down. These were precious cooking lessons where we watched mom make homemade ice cream; whip up a cream cheese pound cake even learned how to make biscuits from scratch.

I know, some of us were dysfunctional even back then, but we were still connected.

Some of us didn’t have the latest designer this or that, but we never knew that we were missing anything because what we did have wrapped in twogetherness and love. Mommas minded their business and yours, and they knew things as if they really did have eyes in the back of their heads.

We had family game night where we played board games; we had movie nights with skillet- popped popcorn.

So my challenge is that we all disconnect at least once a week to connect with the people that matter most to us. Sure it will be an adjustment for some initially but I promise before you know it…. You will laugh more, hug more, connect more, come twogether more, share more, communicate more, share your highs and lows more. WHY? Because you are GIVING more of yourself!

My question is this…. What will you disconnect from in order to get connected?

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