Making Love Better Twogether: Workshops to Protect and Repair Your Relationship

Making Love Better Twogether: Workshops to Protect and Repair Your Relationship

By Yolanda (Yanni) Brown

I’m asked from time to time, how is it that you teach relationship education and you are single?

It’s a fair question and I’ve learned to embrace the question with the truthful answer of “this is what I was born to do.”

I had no idea that everything that I’ve been through had been a teaching tool that has led me to do what I love to do.

My name is Yolanda “Yanni” Brown and I am an Author, Blogger and Certified Relationship Educator.

 As a Relationship Educator there is nothing more gratifying than seeing a couple connect or re-connect after attending one of Making Love Better TwoGether workshops.

What I’ve learned is that many couples will often times spend thousands of dollars on their wedding day and many hours planning the wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, there is not that same amount of time, energy and effort spent preparing for or planning for the marriage itself.

So it’s been put on my heart to do all that I can to strengthen the foundation of relationships/marriages, families, and communities one woman at a time and one relationship at a time.

Through my experiences, that of others, years of research, a B.A. and certifications I am able to passionately provide the Making Love Better TwoGether curriculum to women-only workshops and couples workshops.

The Workshops are inexpensive however the information gained in them is priceless… The workshops are programs for helping singles and couples develop the necessary tools needed to build a strong foundation for healthy, fulfilling long lasting relationships.

Our workshops are NOT therapy. They are designed to build awareness through education and participation, and that is why we are

Some of our workshops include… Benefits of Marriage, Friendship, Communication, Intimacy, and Health & Sex Education.

I’m aware of what I’m up against; divorce rates are high, people are falling in and out of love like the days of the week, some of us don’t know what healthy love is or have positive examples of love.

 My goal is to change the negative perception of LOVE, healthy relationships and marriages  with one Facebook status update at a time, one workshop at a time, coaching one couple at a time, empowering one woman at a time or telling anyone who will listen about the beauty and power of LOVE. 

LOVE IS…. All of US Making Love Better TwoGether!

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