Girl Power Summer - 2011

by Dr. Dawgelene Sangster

As the summer comes to a close, I reflect on some of the wonderful opportunities I had to connect with and help other women and their organizations during the summer.

Many people know that I run a non-profit for women and girls called, Think Royally Inc. ( , which is dedicated to empowering women and girls to reach their best through leadership development workshops, networking and education, using the best means of technology. I love what I do, and the positive impact it has on women and girls is amazing. Think Royally Inc. had a chance to work with three specific organizations during the summer, to provide support for their Girl Power initiatives:

Aspirations of Life– The organization is run by Tiffany Fincher, who is an amazing pioneer for positive change in the African-American community, specifically with our girls. She is located in the Roseland community, and we partnered on several initiatives this year alone to help women and girls, including a prom event. Tiffany did a summer camp for girls called the D.I.V.A program, which exposed them to beauty, networking, empowerment, financial education, and self-esteem presentations. I met with the girls right before their last day to drop off spa bags donated by my non-profit Think Royally Inc, that were filled with new spa products from H2O Plus. The group was amazing, fun, and just young women looking for someone to spend time teaching them the right way to go in life. I enjoyed my brief time with them, but I know that Tiffany Fincher will continue to be the light they need to live more purposeful lives. To see how you can help, visit her website at

Goddess Girl Magazine– The magazine was founded by the amazing Danielle Wildman, whose purpose is to expose young girls to a magazine that caters to their beauty, health, fitness, fashion and career needs. She provides internships for student writers to expose them to real world experience in journalism, and she works to bring business resources together through networking.  This summer, Think Royally Inc sponsored 3 girls through Goddess Girl’s summer empowerment program, where they attended field trips, received magazine subscriptions, and were empowered to live more purposeful lives. To see how you can help by purchasing a magazine subscription for a young girl, visit her website at

The Princess Within Foundation– The organization was founded by Bernada Baker, who is a phenomenal woman and pioneer for positive change in the lives of girls and young women. Her organization focuses on girls between the ages of 8-18. She works helping them remain on course to live more purposeful lives as young women in society. She coaches and mentors them, and takes them on trips to expose them to positive people and places. She is an advocate for positive change and spends her time ensuring our young women and girls have the support they need to excel. Ms. Baker recently took a group of ladies on a spa day, where they were treated like princesses and received many gifts to include spa bags filled with products from H2O Plus, donated by Think Royally Inc. To see how you can help Bernada Baker continue her vision of helping our young women excel, visit her website at

There is so much more that Think Royally Inc did over the summer, but there is not enough space to cover it here. Please enjoy the video of a summer recap from these organizations. To see how you can volunteer to help Think Royally Inc positively impact women and girls in Chicago and Miami, visit our website at, or send an email to


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