Deal with IT or IT Will Deal With You!

Deal with IT or IT Will Deal With You!

by Yolanda (Yanni) Brown

It’s so much easier to fall back into IT, disregard IT, ignore IT, push IT to the side and or choose just flat out not deal with IT!

I was sitting in church yesterday when I heard Pastor Stowers use an awesome analogy, he said that we don’t like asking for directions, that we will travel in the wrong direction knowing that it’s the wrong direction hoping that things will work out for the best.

A lot of us live our lives just like that; then when we find ourselves low on gas, on some dark road with a flat tire and AAA is nowhere to be found, still we chose to go down that road. As long as the sun is shining and all is going well we will continue on that road, but the moment, the very moment that darkness sets in, we see just how dark the road can get. Then we will ask, “how did I get here?”

It was the road that we chose; at least that’s what I took from his analogy.

You see earlier in the week I was just thinking to myself…. Why me, Why not me? and even, When me? I was pretty frustrated with the direction that my life was going in, not that anything was wrong, it just wasn’t what I wanted or how I thought things should be. It’s funny…if you don’t deal with something, IT will surely deal with you!

So while sitting there having an awesome praise and worship I must say, during the message it hit me, the answer to my question: Why not you? When you are ready! and the answer to the last question just floored me…. You have all that you need. Like a spoiled little girl I threw a mini temper tantrum because let’s be honest, we all want what we want.

The reality of that statement is this “If you had everything that you wanted, could you handle it?” OUCH! So while sitting there… I realized the clear and defined answer was what the pastor said. “GOD gives you what you need, NOT what you expect” It was at that very moment that I began picking apart that statement like the matrix and just like the choir sang in unison it was like Ahhhhhhhhh. Funny now but not so much at the time.

The reality of this entire message was I still have some of IT to clean up, fix up, build up, invest in and clear up. I’ve been avoiding IT, sweeping IT under the rug, hiding IT from my friends and family. IT has been calling my name for months but I’ve made the conscious decision not to deal with it…. SO NOW IT’S dealing with me!

So if I want IT to get better then I am faced with confronting it head on. The three F’s in my life and like the fat lady says….”Clean IT up!” Because if you don’t deal with IT….. IT will surely deal with you!

What’s the IT that you’ve been avoiding in your life that is keeping you from moving forward?

Half the battle is admitting it…. Mine is faith, family and finances and I’m dealing with IT!

Deal with IT!


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