Waiting for Success? Hold on . . .You're right there!

by Yanni Brown

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience, commitment, hard work, persistence, diligence, time, effort, energy, dedication and humility. It’s about the preparation that makes you ready.

Preparation is funny, though. It is in that preparation you will be confronted with chaos, haters, drama, trauma and, yes, some difficulties and pain. I’m learning this lesson as I type this blog. The more that you believe, the more obstacles will come your way. I’m so glad that I’m a believer and that I trust God. I would have lost it a long time ago if I didn’t.

But I’m here today. Standing in the midst of chaos but on the edge of greatness saying to you and myself: Hold on! You’re right there!

Success is about the preparation of the thing. If it came to you right now, would you be ready for it? If it were that easy we would all be doing it!

Every person has their own tub to pull. Life lessons to learn, the tools needed to build the foundation that will ultimately shape and mold you for your success.

Here’s the reality check: If you’re not ready for your success — whatever success means to you — your foundation will crumble quickly.

We have people, places and things right in our path to help us build on our success. We only have to reach out and hold on! However that would require us to trust and if trust is not a part of your foundation then your frame will be weak.

I’m also learning that everything that we endure, go through, encounter and face is a learning experience and is meant to be shared with someone else along their journey.

Maya Angelou says that “When you learn, teach, when you get, give.” This is the walls, fabric and décor of our foundation, designed to weather the storm if you will.

So my blog while it was written to inspire and encourage you. It was also written to inspire and encourage me! It’s expected that you will get tired sometimes, and get weary when you don’t see the light of day. But I DARE you to hold on, hold out, reach out because help is on the way!

Encourage someone! It’s a great opportunity to encourage yourself! We live in some very tough times and some are struggling more than others. Don’t be so quick to judge for you are on the outside looking in. Quiet as it’s kept, you could be in their shoes in the blink of an eye. Instead of judging their story, share yours and make a difference.

So I ask you this: Are you preparing for success? If so what is your success foundation built upon?

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