The Psychic Powers of My Mother

Guest blogging for Yanni Brown today is Glenn Murray of 220 Communications.  She chose Glenn for our special Mother’s Day week because she’s had the pleasure of seeing his relationship with his mom firsthand.  According to Yanni, Glenn’s mother, Joyce, is an amazing woman who can “cook her butt off!”





Glenn and his mother, Joyce

I want to go on record saying that I swear my mother is psychic.  I’m serious; she can sense when something is wrong with me and will call and keep calling and pressing until I tell her what’s wrong.  I think mothers have a unique skill set that makes them highly qualified for a number of jobs. Some jobs I believe my own mother would have excelled at (besides the job of psychic which she seems to already be actively practicing):



She can ask a question 400 different ways and will not let you go until she gets an answer.  I have undergone her line of questioning for years and she hasn’t lost her edge!  From how I spent my allowance (in my teen years, to why I don’t eat and sleep right (just a few days ago).  The conversation usually starts with me denying any guilt, and ends in my feeble confession. My mom would have been great at Guantanamo.  The terrorist would have never stood a chance. The armed forces missed out on a truly great resource.



No one is tougher on achieving and never allowing current circumstance to determine your future.  I guess it comes from being an 18-year-old single mother living in what, by today’s standard, would be well below the poverty line in the rural South.  The only real motivator was her strong will and determination to make a better life for herself and for me. Also she has no problem getting her point across in a way that would make Bobby Knight blush!


Security Expert/Enforcer

My mother is guardian of the world.  Jack Bauer has nothing on Joyce Alim! She takes up other peoples’ causes, she’s called “mom” by so many people they don’t know how many children she has (officially, just one).  She belongs to and is hero to many for the kind words, good advice or great meals she provides.  Cross a friend of hers and you have a problem


While she missed her calling on these opportunities, she also excelled at all of the traditional things that mothers do so well:



My mother took charge of her life, working for 20 years rising up the ranks in corporate America without a degree. One of the more memorable things she said to me as I was dying to get her to buy me my first car (as every teen wants). It was hard to argue with someone who had worked for everything in her life – at times working 3 jobs to get ahead. 


Role Model

She has earned 3 degrees, all after her 40th birthday, and is working on her PHD.  She is a role model for so many.  She has taught them that it’s not where you start that determines

your success.


Just “Mom”

After the first girl broke my heart, I called my mom.  The first time I failed with my business, I called my mom.  I try not to call her when things get tough but the “Mother sense” kicks in and she now is the one making the call, usually with the first words of the conversation being “what’s wrong” (then the interrogation starts). The compassion and support she has given me has made me the man I am.


 She once told me that when she brought me home from the hospital shortly after my birth, she was scared to move me too much because she didn’t quite know how to handle a baby.   Well, she’s been moving me for 40 years – moving me to higher plane with her love, compassion, strength, and courage.  Mothers do this everyday without a press release, salary, or even a rest.


All that’s good about me I owe to my mom. 



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