Is It In You?

Is It In You?

By Yolanda (Yanni) Brown

So I’m having a wonderful time at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurship Conference and while here there is lots of talk about “Dreaming Big,” “Don’t Be Average,” “Be the Best,” “Believe in Yourself,” and,  “Do What You Do and Do It Well!”

A question for entrepreneurs to ponder is, “Is It In YOU?”


Photo: Tina Phillips


As I reflect on my life as an entrepreneur, I can honestly say that I have been more successful in these past two years than I have in the past nineteen in total.

What’s different now versus the past years you ask? It’s IN ME! I’m determined, I’m focused and my purpose has never been clearer.

Once I discovered my passion, IT became a part of me.

It became something bigger than I could ever imagine. My DETERMINATION then became about having FAITH, Faith that my passion was in fact my purpose. Faith that HE would give me my heart’s desires.  My vision was no longer about me and what I wanted, IT became more about what do I have to give to others as it relates to my PASSION? How can others benefit from what I have to offer?

The life of an entrepreneur says that you must be willing to sacrifice time, exhibit leadership characteristics, be able to manage a team of like-minded individuals and project your future in terms of your business…. Lastly you must create an escape plan…

Every entrepreneur wants to achieve success, receive the awards and accolades.

Some of us want the limelight, but we are not willing to do the work.

Entrepreneurship requires the hardest work that you will ever do, because you are working for you! It’s a full-time job and then some. It’s sacrifice, time, sweat, and tears. But if you wake up every day ready to start it all over again, then it’s worth it! You will win some and you will lose some, but ultimately the choice is yours.

Are you willing to give up your Friday nights of fun for networking? Business meetings? Are you willing to do the dirt work? Are you in business for the overnight success or are you in it for the long haul?

Is It In You to pursue your hopes and dreams? Is It In You to sacrifice what you want in order to have what you need? Is It more than just a dream? What are you willing to do to make it a reality?

Are you willing to take a chance, step out on faith and become all that you said that you wanted to be?
These are questions that every entrepreneur must ask herself.
Are you truly an entrepreneur?
And if so, Is It In You?


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  • Great post Yanni, and so so true. As always you hit it right on the head! And yes IT is in me :)

  • Keyia this is such an awesome experience in terms on networking, motivation and encouragement... Im glad to hawk the IT'S IN YOU!

  • In reply to YanniBrown:

    Thanks hawk has been flying high for many years & I'm always trying to train it to see the bigger, brighter picture with a razor sharp focus!

  • In reply to YanniBrown:

    Loved this post, its definitely in me!

  • In reply to YanniBrown:

    Love this post! Very insightful and forces me to ask myself this question and be honest with myself.

  • Yeah, it's the leadership thing that bothers me. When you take initiative, people take notice then they EXPECT you to lead which is NOT okay. Everyone has the same opportunity and can do the same thing if they stop being afraid, lazy or complacent.

  • In reply to msmarcie:

    msmarcie, I totally understand where your coming from and over the years I have gotten this alot. People expect since you have that drive and passion that you should always be the one to help, take the lead and get it done. Here is where the leadership in you grows. you learn to direct and re-direct where needed. Point them in the direction they need to go to do the work themselves, so they know when its not your place your willing to lend a hand but not do others work just because you can.

    The art of a graceful "No" is a useful tool that takes alot of stress off so you can help where your called to and not get burnt out. This will inspire the "IT" in others without draining you.

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