Are You a Confident Woman?

Are You a Confident Woman?


Confidence is key. Dundee Photographics.

By Yanni Brown

There is nothing more appealing than a woman who exudes confidence. It shows in everything that she does.  A confident woman can be vulnerable and supportive. She is strong enough for her man, but understands her role as a woman. She doesn’t mind stopping to ask for directions or even making biscuits from scratch. People will sit back in awe of her, and will simply state, “it’s something about her.”

When a woman knows who she is, whose she is, why she is and what she’s purposed to do, the outer appearance doesn’t matter so much. She can be dressed up, or dressed down, but either way, she is absolutely gorgeous.

A confident woman is not afraid to be herself because she is comfortable with who she is. Plain and simple, fabulous or flamboyant she knows her true self.

She’s discovered that you have to let go of your insecurities in order to explore the passion and possibilities. She’s living life on purpose and understands her gifts and is willing to share them.

She has come to terms with the fact that she has things that she can contribute to the world; this is her time, and her place to stand up and do that very thing that she has been called to do!

She knows her style and works it well. Being trendy or popular is not on her list of priorities, yet she owns whatever room she walks into because she wears her confidence as a badge of honor!

Even when she is unsure, she is sure of it and doesn’t mind asking for help.
She loves herself flaws, and all. Without explanation she is!

Time spent, because she’s paid her dues without hesitation. She walks the walk and talks the talk. She’s bold with her swag. She’s confident in who she is, who she has become and is waving her own flag!

All of this comes from loving self and being comfortable with who you are and on your way to becoming. Rather than trying to be someone else, a confident woman will reinvent herself to increase her wealth by simply being true to self!

Take a moment to discover YOU! Sometimes that means stretching and stepping out. Becoming your best self is easy for some, and is work for others. It may mean saying NO when everything in you wants to say yes!

It means standing up for you and telling you that YOU matter! In order to get to what matters and what’s your purpose you have to peel off the layers of hurt, baggage, anger and pain but underneath it all is a Confident Woman who is purposed to do…. Just what GOD said she could do!


Yanni Brown

Let’s discuss: What are some tips or encouraging words that can be shared while “she’s” on her way to becoming a confident woman?  


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  • Great Blog Ms. Yanni! I'm so glad I'm confident :)

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