What's IT Worth to You?

What's IT Worth to You?
By Yolanda (Yanni) Brown 



Have you ever heard the expression sometimes we are in our own way?
Life is not as complicated as we sometimes make it out to be. Happiness is OURS for the choosing, we just need to move out of the way!
Our past, baggage, situations and or circumstances do not define who we are or will become. Sometimes we have to just LET GO in order to receive what is meant for us to have.
Sometimes we have to let go of those things, people and yes sometimes places that are no longer a part of who we are becoming. This is not abandoning anyone this is just saying that right now I matter more.  Who WE are today is deeply rooted in the person that we were entangled in and who WE will become. We cannot receive if our hands are clinched holding on to the negativities of the past.
In honor of National Poetry month I ask “What is your Happiness worth to YOU?”  
What’s It Worth to You?


Ever wonder when, where, what, who or why?


The price that you’ve paid, the time that you wasted

The truth and the lie


The face of space, that makes you twist and turn

When your world is in shambles. The love that you yearn

That your heart can’t fake or handle


Space and time, the hurt rewinds, over and over again

Loves reward is a doubled edge sword

From that which lies deep within


No sense of self, a cry for help

To understand one’s internal wealth

Searching and seeking in all of the wrong places

A love that was found, a love that was lost

In occupied spaces

Vacant vessels & empty lots

With conspicuous faces

And hidden plots


Soul searching, Whole searching,

For that which lives within

Be still, be silent, Be patient while the work begins


Open to renewed possibilities,

Renewed strengths and renewed self

Fully walking in, running in newly found wealth


Wearing the new riches from head to toe

It’s not that she’s conceited

It’s just something that she now knows


A woman’s worth is like a piece of pure gold

It’s hard to understand, even harder to hold


Her trials and tribulations, a mile or two in her shoes

Her scars, her struggles, things she said that she would never do


The true essence of a woman lies in the interpretation

She wears her battle scars with honor and pride

Because she knows who she is, who she has become

She no longer has to hide


So she walks the walk, and she talks the talk

With a boldness in her swag!

She knows who she is, what she has

And is raising her own flag


Independently free

To Live again, Breathe again, Love again

Because She Can


Living and Loving Self… Acknowledging her worth and her wealth

Taking her stand, Her place and is ready to do!

Anything that she wishes and puts her mind to!

Now I ask… Do you know your worth? And What’s It Worth to You?


Yolanda “Yanni” Brown
Certified Relationship Educator/Love Coach


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  • Raising my flag!!!

  • Charnia, LOVE IT!
    Making Love Better Begins Within... I'm happier with ME than I've ever been. All of the sacrifices (LOL & You know what they are) are worth it!

  • Yes I know my worth! It's worth all of the internal battle scars that I went through to get to where I am now. I'm still standing, I'm still strong!

    Thanks for enlightening us with this beautiful poem.

  • I love the poem!!!

  • In reply to zkarim26:

    Thank you Zee, it was truly a journey for me to get there! I knew that I loved myself but, I had to question my love for self versus my past actions and what I was allowing in my life. They didn't match! This is one of my poems from my book Making Love Better Begins Within. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

  • In reply to zkarim26:

    Hi Yanni! Love the poem this is Paulette Niece/ Yoggii Daughter!

  • In reply to ThatITFactor:

    LOL Thank You I'm glad that you liked it.

  • In reply to zkarim26:

    thank you for the poetry! I am really digging it Yanni!

  • In reply to Zondra:

    Thanks fellow Chick

  • In reply to zkarim26:

    In tears as I read this....Its funny how God has a way of sending you a message when you need to hear it the most....Yanni I Thank You

  • In reply to Yashica:

    Thank you Yashica, my goal is to bring things that are real and relevant to our lives. This was a very heartfelt poem for me.

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