Thank Goodness for MEN!

This past week has been an eye-opener for your Six Brown Chicks.


It’s not easy putting our lives on front-street every day, hoping that just maybe, we’ll touch that one special chick who really needs to hear about our journey.


So we are really appreciative of the very special men who exposed those man-rules that men have held close to the breast for far too many decades.


These men wanted to spread the seeds of wisdom for women who are open to receive it. I marveled at their candor and wit, and I’d like to reiterate some points that really struck a chord with me.

We each invited a man that we respected to share their thoughts.

My choice, Mr. Munson Steed, is, hands-down, one of the smartest men that I know. 


And his blog, Chasing the Old Flame: Anatomy of Online Infidelity, included a man-truth that scared the hell out of me.

Munson wrote:


“Physical, romantic, and sexual history has less meaning for some than it does for others. Obviously this leads to predators who participate in shenanigans, and false love, in order to break hearts for sport, with the understanding that, “you gave yourself to me; you invited me in.”

Yes, there are people who break hearts for sport. As a romantic, the thought alone makes my eyes snap open in the middle of the night. Could the man I’m falling in love with have a secret agenda to wreck me? Would I have a Charlie Sheen moment and beat him unconscious with B.O.B. if he did? Well, you understand my dilemma.


DJ Vince Adams wrote:

“It literally amazes me to see the lack of truth, solidarity and respect that goes on between women these days. There are instances where women will intentionally step to a man that she knows is not available. There are instances where women who call themselves friends resent or flat-out don’t like one another.”


Yes, unhappy women are vicious, and at times, the hater-ation that goes on when a man is involved can reach a fevered pitch.


Two summers ago, I was on a first-date and we were having a good time. We dropped by an  after-work mixer and we stood nose to nose learning about each other. A woman crossed the room, with a younger woman in tow. She reeked of alcohol although she wasn’t drinking at the moment. She interrupted our talk to speak to my date–and not to me– and then she proceeded to introduce him to the younger woman. “She’s got a master’s degree and she’s involved with a lot of organizations and she’s not even 30!,” the woman belted. “Girl, give him your card, I want the two of you to know each other.” The young woman followed suit, my date accepted the card, and the lush seemed pleased. I complimented the younger woman on her dress.



I was so disgusted that we left the event shortly thereafter.


My date explained that the woman was a notorious drunk and that he’d rejected her advances before. I looked too happy with him at that moment, and the woman wouldn’t allow it, even if that meant introducing him to someone else.



Fletch, in his hilarious post, told us to use common sense. I am assigning you re-read his entire post!


Adonis delivered this truth: you can’t use good sex to persuade a man to fall in love with you.  


Ryan Hodge made is clear that some men just don’t want to hear about his woman’s aches and pains.


In his riveting blog, Forcible Entry, Kenyea Beach warned single moms about placing their new boyfriends as the heads of the household too soon.


 We are so grateful to you guys, thank you.




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  • There is nothing like the male perspective to give clarity and understanding when it comes to being on the outside looking in.

  • Most of the principles and beliefs we uphold are formed from the perspective that we come from. Each of us has different perspectives that are based on our race, religion, upbringing, and most especially, our gender. That's why I think it's so important to listen to what others have to say. Men and women think completely different because we are socialized to take on certain roles which help us to form the opionions that we have about the opposite sex. I think it's fantastic that you ladies allowed the fellows to chime in and give a different perspective. Keep it going!

  • The P.O.V's from the men were very interesting. FLETCH..was fuuuuny, but right on point!

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