Kindred, The Dynamic Duo Shares How They Make Love Better TwoGether

By Yolonda (Yanni) Brown



Each and every time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Aja and Fatin of Kindred and the Family Soul I’m left with a warm and fuzzy feeling, a Kindred connection if you will.

TwoGether, the dynamic duo from Philly steps on stage and their chemistry is instantly infectious.

The crowd sings along as the couple sings to us while singing to one another. You couldn’t ask for a better love connection. 

Sunday, March 27th is Black Marriage Day. This is a day of celebrating African American couples nationwide who are married and proud of it! We’ve all heard that the divorce rate among African Americans is at an all-time high. What you won’t hear is that this amazing couple is married, juggles six children, a music career and a web reality series, Six Is It!.

With a love as strong as the day is long, Kindred knew that they were made for one another. 

I had the opportunity to speak with Aja and Fatin and I asked them “Why did they get married?” Aja was 19 and Fatin was 24 when they made the decision to get married.

They chose one another based on a having like-minded goals. They were in love, on the same page, and in the same place in their lives; they knew what they wanted. That same page is the thread that keeps the passion flowing. “We have a solid foundation, believe in God and ourselves. We share a foundation of LOVE and are genuinely down for each other.  We are committed,” Fatin says.

People go into marriage expecting to break up, making plans for when things don’t go right as opposed for making plans for when things do go right! You have to believe that you can make it! Divorce is not an option for them.

Their favorite part about marriage is companionship, waking up and being at each other’s side. They know each other inside and out. While they have a lot of responsibility with their careers and having six children, to alleviate the stress, they get to have fun twogether, and share quality time and intimacy twogether.

Six Marriage Tips from Kindred

1.  Make your own rules.  Define your marriage for you!  

2. Discuss your expectations and express your feelings.  

3.  Be patient with each other. (Give each other the room that’s necessary to grow, and the time to work out the things that may be stressful and/or difficult.

4. Believe in why you fell in love, from the moment that you say “I DO” believe in that day! Remember the feelings that you had when you made that decision. Remember the promise that you made before God, family, and friends. 

5. Your mate should be the recipient of the bulk of your compassion.  

6. Building a solid foundation. 

It is important that we see positive examples of couples that are married and making it work. It would be great if more married couples shared the benefits of marriage because marriage matters!

It takes a village! It takes responsible couples to uphold the community. It takes that male and female perspective to move the community forward. Mother and Father Twogether to benefit the next generation. 

Every couple has their own map and Kindred are making their mark on music, healthy relationships/marriages, healthy families and communities, through example. They are married and proud of it! Aja and Fatin are planning their work and working their plan, step by step while “Making Love Better TwoGether”



Yanni (middle) with Kindred.

Listen to the full interview of Kindred and the Family Soul by Yanni Brown.                                                                     





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  • Great Blog Yanni! I love the music of Kindred, it's even better to know they're a married couple that's still in love....

  • Yanni,
    Thank you for this BEAUTIFUL tribute to real love.

  • LOVE IT!

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