Eric Roberson Reveals the Secret of a Lasting Relationship

By Gina B.

I meet a couple who has been together a long time, I love to ask them
the secret to their lasting relationship.  I typically get extremely
interesting answers ranging from downright scary to sweet and
insightful.  I got a chance to speak with Grammy nominated recording
artist Eric Roberson, who is slated to perform tonight – March 23
rd – at the Spring Into Soul Event at The Shrine.


I was especially curious to learn how he makes love work in the crazy business of entertainment.

I learned a lot.  

The first thing I learned is that Eric Roberson – or Erro, as he’s often called – LOVES to talk about his family.  

and his wife have been together for 10 years, and married for nearly
three.  He realizes that sustaining a relationship with a person in the
entertainment industry is challenging.  He credits his wife for
understanding his lifestyle.  

was a learning curve.  When we met, I didn’t have the popularity that I
have now.  She was a fan of my music as well.  Things are a little
different now.  There’s a certain level of sharing me with a lot of
people.  Now, obviously there’s a limit to how much you share, but her
husband is in the career of selling fairy tales, and selling
imaginations and escapeful scenarios.”

all know the stories about groupies and “road hoes,” and even though
Eric Roberson is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, and so
clearly a family man, I would be an irresponsible relationship columnist
if I didn’t ask . . .

not easy, but I think I’m in a good circle with a good team of people
around me.  Here’s the thing . . . the opportunity to have love, and to
have someone who understands you is special.  You can’t take advantage
of that.  At the end of the day, [men] want the same things as women.
 We don’t always share this [with women], but we want to be loved, we
want someone who won’t hurt us, and someone we can trust.”

Good time management is also necessary when managing a relationship with an artist.

is one of the most selfish things you can get into.  It pulls so much
from you, and if you’re not careful you can really neglect a lot of
stuff.  I waited until I was mature enough to understand it, but I’ve
been able to figure out to keep everything in its place.  Sometimes you
get in the studio, and you get in a groove.  You can perform for days
and nights straight.  But if you want to maintain a relationship,
sometimes you have to turn the equipment off and take some time for the
other part of your life.”

of course, there’s the importance of finding the right person.  As a
performer, Erro meets multitudes of women.  I was curious as to how he
knew his wife was the one.

lot of people have asked what was different about my wife, and I would
honestly say that I never get tired of my wife.  Never.  Even after an
argument, if she wanted to hang out or talk, I’m all for it.  That
quality made me think that I could spend the rest of my life with her,
and grow old with her.  I’m
never tired of her.  I can’t say that for any of my previous relationships.”   

with all of this great information and insight, I was still left
wondering if there was an ultimate secret.  Erro clued me in.

parents have been together for 43 years, and my grandparents have been
together over 60 years.  I’ve learned a lot from them.  I definitely
think the secret is respect.  We change as we grow, and I feel that as
we change, you have to have the respect for them to fall in love with
them again.  I’ve made the commitment to my wife that I will fall in
love with her all over again if she changes.”

If you haven’t listened to an Eric Roberson love song, I suggest you do, for he knows of what he sings.  

If you would like to hear an Eric Roberson tonight, please join The Six Brown Chicks tonight, March 23rd,
at The Shrine at 8:00 pm for the Spring Into Soul Event celebrating the
birthday of DJ Lee Farmer and the album release of Julie Dexter. 



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  • This was lovely within itself and keeps me optimistic about obtain true love.

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