Bedroom Blues? Six Spicy Bedroom Tips

Bedroom Blues? Six Spicy Bedroom Tips

By Yolanda (Yanni) Brown


Blow his mind, advises Six Brown Chicks’s Yanni Brown. Photo: Africa.

Hey busy chick, when was the last time that you blew his mind?

Hmmm. I thought so.

Unfortunately we get comfortable in our relationships, and it seems that intimacy and romance has become boring for some and non-existent for others.

You love your mate, but you fail to show him just how much you love him in the bedroom. You become so busy with the hustle and bustle of life that you forget to cultivate the intimacy and romance within your relationship.

Thus, at the end of the day, you feel that cuddling on the couch and watching a movie is enough.

But it’s NOT!

You must make time for intimacy and romance if not; your relationship will surely suffer.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with a group of career women about intimacy and romance.

I’ve heard their concerns before: “Where has it gone? OMG! How did we let it get to this point? What happened to the times when we couldn’t keep our hands off each other?”

I know what you’re thinking.

Remember when you first met? The nights seemed to be never-ending and the mornings were filled with uninhibited excitement and adventure.

Remember how you would quiver at the sight of your lover walking through the door? Instead of eating that piece of cake for dessert, you and your lover made dessert of your own.

 Well the good news is that you can bring the passion back. My suggestion: Couples should create schedules for lovemaking, and place one another on their tentative “To-Do List.”Here are my six tips.


            Six Brown Tips to Reignite Your Fire

1.      Share in household chores, make it a fun event…wash dishes together playfully toss bubbles at one another.


2.      Send an invitation scented with his favorite perfume, give him the time, place and date and then create your own romantic rendezvous for two… Scented candles, bubble bath, a massage, sensual oils and a few of your favorite things…


3.      Stir up something spicy in the kitchen by preparing a meal twogether… Select a palate pleasing (Aphrodisiac) foods that will surely get the blood flowing. This involves stimulating the five senses….


4.      Give him a personalized coupon booklet for “Any Time, Any Place,” activities that are sure to please…

Michal Marcolspicy.jpg

Coupon book of love. Photo: Michal Marcol.


5.      Call him at work and let him know that he’s been on your mind all day. Tell him that you’re really looking forward to seeing him. Drop several sensual hints letting him know that you have a special treat for him when he gets home. Let his imagination run wild.  


6.      Dress in something sexy… a pair of lacy boy shorts with a matching bra and stilettos will ALWAYS work. However, to add a creative touch, have him to stop by and pick up some singles and five dollar bills. Give him his own personal dance with your best moves.  Moves that you may have learned during a sensuality class, such as Good Gyrrl or Flirty Girl Fitness.  Be sure to create the ambiance with scented candles, soft music, a chair, and satin ties.


As couples tend to fall into a routine, what may have started out as a very romantic relationship slowly disintegrates as bills, chores, children, work and the everyday pressures of life conspire to pull us away from what is really important.


Making Love Better TwoGether means that you are willing to give a little to get a lot. If you are willing to give up the “I’s” for “We” then the relationship can win.  

Enjoy being spontaneous, he surely will. For more tips on spontaneity and spice, holler at me. 





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  • Great tips Yanni! When I begin having the bedroom blues, I will refer back to these. For now, I'm having FUN! Okay, maybe that was TMI anyway thanks for sharing....

  • In reply to shoyabowman:

    Thanks Shoya... Keep on having fun! That's part of keeping it spontaneous!

  • In reply to shoyabowman:

    Great read Yanni and thanks for the mention!! Good Gyrrl SPECIALIZES in sensuality training! It's the place where fitness, spice and finesse meet! Check us out!

  • In reply to goodgyrrl:

    GoodGyrrl.... Absolutely and WE love you over there.

  • In reply to shoyabowman:

    Toss bubbles? What the..... :) Great post Yanni!

  • In reply to thinkroyally:

    Yes, there are so many fun things that couples can do to keep the spontaneity & spice in their relationships. It just takes a little creativity and making the time.

  • In reply to shoyabowman:

    Great tips Yanni and I just wanted to throw some crumbs in. Sometimes ladies and guys we forget that romance actually starts before we get to the bedroom. We forget to touch each other through out the day. We forget to give a stare across the room or wherever you are. We forget to stare as they pass. Trust me on this, you can warm things up a bit before you even kick in the real stuff as Yanni has stated and by the end of the day you may have to call 911. Great piece Yanni, love it.

  • In reply to jsdigital:

    Sangsangpub, I totally agree with you! Set the tone ALL throughout the day. From the good morning kiss, to an afternoon just because. Put a rose in the windshield with an I LOVE YOU card.... Send them flowers telling them just what they mean. Oh.... I could go on and on about love and how couples are making it better twogether.

  • Thanks Motown... That's the plan. I think WE get caught up easily in everything else and then that everything else becomes more important than your connection with your mate.
    When that happens we leave cracks in our foundation for all hell to break lose. NOT ON MY Watch... LOL

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