Is this Love, Lust, or Just a Dance? Chicago Style Steppin'

Is this Love, Lust, or Just a Dance? Chicago Style Steppin'

By Yanni Brown

Chicago Style Steppin’ is an art form and the dance is simply mesmerizing.

Oftentimes, you can see a relationship evolving on the dance floor.

It can be his hand on the small of her back, her gentle rub of his head, the way that he leads, or even the way that he dips her low and look into her eyes. He may be into the song and may even begin to sing, but if she is not careful, she may believe that he is serenading her.

Her sexy moves can be breathtaking and seductive, and if he is not careful, he may believe that she is moving her body just for him.

This intoxicating dance–masquerading as eight counts–brings with it status, marriages, broken relationships, cheating, and romantic hopes and dreams deferred or outright rejected.

If you know me, you know that I love all things love related and Chicago Style Steppin’ is surely a relational dance.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching a Steppers’ Set, you will see that this dance is sensual, smooth and sexy.

In this dance, the nonverbal communication of following the man’s lead allows a couple to flow effortlessly to the rhythm. As the leader in this dance, the man must know her steppin’ skill level (beginner, intermediate or advanced); otherwise he is unable to lead effectively.

If she follows his lead, the dance partners are in sync; and if he leads well, then she makes them both look good, and the couple will command attention.

I believe that relationships are much like the Art of the Dance (Steppin’, Walkin’, Waltz, Tango, Paso Doble, Samba & the Rumba–are my favorites); however, it is also during this sensual dance that we can get caught up in it, from the smooth operators, to the groupies, to the heavy-hitters and those who simply love the dance.

At the end of the song, reality strikes and questions come fast. Was it just a 3 1/2-minute dance, a dance to be enjoyed in the moment? Or was it more?

If you are a stepper, you may find yourself faced with the following questions:

·         Are your actions misleading?

·         What is too close–or too personal?

·         Is it an insult to invite a dance partner for a night cap?

·         When do you know it has gone too far?

·         If he danced with me for more than three songs…does that mean that he wants me?

·         Body Language vs. Conversation – What are my gestures really saying?

·         What is considered “off limits” when dancing with someone who has a significant other?

For all of those who love the dance of Chicago Style Steppin’… Do just that! Enjoy the Dance! Embrace the dance! Romance the dance, and if by chance there is a love connection on the dance floor.

Well that’s a whole other blog….

In the meantime, stay on your toes!


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  • Thanks Yanni... I know there were several times that I wondered was it more than just a dance. Maybe even secretly wished it was. I guess I have to keep on my toes! Thanks for sharing.

  • Shoya, I know that there have been several times where I wanted it to be, wished that it could be even wanted it to be more than just a dance. That is just how strong the dance can be to me.... However when the music ends... SO DOES THE DANCE for some.

  • Very well written, Yanni!!!

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