5 Ways To Love Yourself


Hey Lady,

I’m sure you realize that you must love yourself before you can truly receive and enjoy the love from another.

However, most of us are taught early on to take care of everyone else, and when we do this, we become chameleons.

When you become a chameleon, you become everything that everyone else needs you to be, and you”ll lose yourself in the process. More important, it’s harder to expect someone to fulfill your needs when you don’t know what those needs are.

Here are five tips to treat yourself the way you would treat a good friend or lover. (I created these tips to convince you that you deserve to be loved).

Wishing you love, warmth and comfort,

Yolanda Yanni Brown.  




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  • Love it! Great advice. Some people do not realize how important it is to love you! Keep them coming, I joined just to follow.

  • In reply to NinaMotivates:

    Thank you for your comment. Women are often so busy loving everyone else that we forget about ourselves!

  • Great read!!! Now I am sure I will go on that vacation...thanks!

  • In reply to stonecoldfox:

    You deserve it! =0)

  • In reply to stonecoldfox:

    You nailed it, Yanni! Self-Love is the best Love!

  • In reply to stonecoldfox:

    I agree, I love me some me...I'm learning that it's okay fall in love with ME. It took me awhile to get to this point. Thank You Yanni !

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