5 Top Sex Toy Scandals

You are not imagining things, Battery Operated Boyfriends (B.O.B.) are out of the closet and making the front-page news.

Some headlines aren’t so bad:

In Huntsville Alabama, Pleasures opened it’s doors with a Valentine’s special to swap Toys for Guns. The pitch: “Pleasures is trading guns off the street for fun between the sheets.” In exchange for guns, customers were offered gift certificates to be spent in the shop.

Yet some headlines are very bad:

A 49-year-old Australian woman reported that a man broke into her home and hit her with a rubber sex toy. Turns out the guy was her ex, and they were fighting over custody of the dog.

And in New York, a 34-year-old woman sued her boss after he gave her a vibrating toy for her birthday. When the woman tossed the toy in the garbage, her boss allegedly said: ‘Come on, girl. You don’t know how to enjoy your life.’ “

These are tough times for the beloved Battery Operated Boyfriends of the world. Crimes against B.O.B. have been splashed all over the news lately. Here are just five of the most scandalous misdeeds to date.


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