Happy Mothers' Day: Especially to Those in the Trenches!

Happy Mothers' Day: Especially to Those in the Trenches!
My very first Mothers' Day!

Happy Mothers’ Day! This will be brief because I have a napping 22-month-old in his bed and a sleeping 10-week-old strapped to my chest and Lord knows how long those things will last! I just wanted to say Happy Mothers’ Day to all the moms out there, and a special shout out to those currently fighting the good sleep-deprived fight. It gets better, I promise!

If you had told me last year, on my very first Mothers’ Day, that by next Mothers’ Day I would have another baby, I would never have believed you. Yet, here I am with two under two! Surprise! Every day is an intense and emotional type of juggling, but the snuggles and smiles make it all worth it. I try to keep in mind that these years will fly by and that’s what keeps me sane. I remember having just the one baby and feeling overwhelmed, but now I look back on those days and shake my head! As my husband likes to say, “Being a first-time parent is wasted on first-time parents: I’d be so good at that now!” He jokes, obviously, because having a baby for the first time is incredibly overwhelming after years of only having to make sure you take care of yourself and maybe some animal/s. Still, the days seemed so long when it was just me and Harrison, and suddenly those days are gone. They truly do fly by. So I’m making a point to soak in every bit of these boys wanting to be held or hugged. Some day they’ll be awkward teenagers who don’t want to be seen with me in public. For now, though, I get to be their world… until Daddy gets home and then I have to share the world. But I will, and gladly. I’m magnanimous that way (and he just loves them so much).

Anyway, I digress, and I don’t have time to digress. I want to put this little guy in the bassinet so I can sneak in a cup of coffee and watch an episode of Castle before the toddler awakes and we deal with his teething crankiness for an hour or two until he cheers up again.

To those of you in the trenches: you’re doing a terrific job. Hang in there! “Motherhood is not for the weak,” my Mom always says. You’ve got this. And if you feel like you don’t “got this,” reach out and talk to someone. There are groups online FULL of women with sage mothering advice. There are family members and friends with ears and shoulders just waiting for you. You’re not alone. Motherhood is a community. A village, if you will. Use it!

Happy Mothers’ Day! Spread the love to mothers you know today!


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