Bonus Post: "I Left the House!" The Cat's Meow

Bonus Post: "I Left the House!" The Cat's Meow
Me, my fancy nails, and The Cat's Meow!

It’s Mother’s Day weekend! Woohoo!

To kick off the festivities, I scheduled myself the first manicure-pedicure I’ve had since last May before the baby was born! I had a gift card from my sweet friend, Melanie, that I’ve been aching to use, so here was a great opportunity! My friend, Lisa, agreed to come along with me (Melanie is in Italy!). We went to a salon I found via the gift card’s website.

Before I talk about that, I should offer a bit of information about myself that you may not already know. Once upon a time, I was a Nail Technician in the state of Florida! I went to nail school when I was 15 in order to become the Nail Tech for my parents’ brand new salon, Center Stage… in 1998. I graduated at 16, the youngest to ever graduate from the International Academy of Hair Design, and did nails for about seven years, off and on. Carpal Tunnel struck somewhere down the line, so I stopped doing acrylic nails because they hurt my hands so much to file (drills were not allowed back then). Then I stopped doing pedicures. Then I stopped doing nails.

That said, it’s rare for me to get my nails done professionally. I tend to do my own, though I’m not as thorough or kind to myself as I would be to a customer! If I go get a manicure and pedicure, it’s a special occasion. Therefore, my first Mother’s Day is a perfect reason!

The last time I got a pedicure---super pregnant! My Aunt Julie (L) and my Mom were with me.

The last time I got a pedicure—super pregnant! My Aunt Julie (L) and my Mom were with me.


The salon I found is called The Cat’s Meow. It’s located on Elston just south of Pulaski. Walking in, you’re struck by the bright red and teal on the walls… and on the stylists’ heads! Everyone had a real rockabilly vibe, style-wise, and were very sweet to boot. Lisa beat me there and had a fancy coffee waiting for me! (Add all this to the very fancy ruby mother’s ring I got from my husband this morning, and this is turning into quite a day! I wonder what tomorrow holds!) We picked out polish colors, sat in the pedicure chairs next to one another, and chatted while we were pampered. Delightful.

After my feet were soaked, scrubbed, and polished turquoise with a glitter top coat, I carefully made my way over to the manicure table. Sitting across from Marisol, my Nail Tech, I noticed what I thought was the Star Wars Imperial symbol on her thumb. “Do you have Star Wars nails?!?” She beamed a little, spreading them out on the table for me. “Yeah! Not many people have noticed them! I did them for Star Wars Day (May the 4th).” I gushed over them, took a photo of them, and we continued my own nails while talking Star Wars and geekiness. I told her about my Etsy shop and the Star Wars things I’ve made over the years. She told me about her growing collection of Star Wars memorabilia. Then Lisa and her Nail Tech, Emily, joined us, and we talked about costumes and conventions and other things. What a fun day! Pretty nails and geeky talk? Winning!

My nails are a shimmery pink with a turquoise accent nail. I’ve never really done the accent nail thing, but thought it was worth a try. In the past, I’ve thought it looks like something went wrong with that one nail–like you’re trying to hide a bruise or something–but it’s growing on me. Plus, they draw attention to my wedding ring and my new mother’s ring, so that’s pretty lovely. Man, that was a really girly sentence. Who am I???

Anyway, The Cat’s Meow also has some great artwork on display, and they play excellent music. The atmosphere in there is really cool, and I felt inspired to try crazy things with my hair, things involving pompadours and fire-engine reds, but I resisted. Lisa and I had a really nice time, and our nails are now pretty fabulous. Thanks to The Cat’s Meow, Marisol, Emily, Lisa, and Melanie for getting this Mother’s Day weekend off to a great start!

Lisa and me, and Marisol's Star Wars nails!

Lisa and me, and Marisol’s Star Wars nails!

Me, my fancy nails, and The Cat's Meow!

Me, my fancy ring and  nails, and The Cat’s Meow!


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