George Zimmerman and DMX To Fight and Everybody Loses

George Zimmerman and DMX To Fight and Everybody Loses

Today was supposed to be Trayvon Martin’s 19th birthday. Sadly, as we all know, that won’t be celebrated anywhere. And that’s because George Zimmerman took his gun and shot Trayvon dead in the chest.

I’m not here to get into the justice or legality of anything. There are laws and loopholes that I will never understand woven into the American judicial system to determine those things, but the one thing everybody could agree on was the killing of a 17 year old teenager was tragic.

While no candles will be lit today, one group did ignite a fire on Trayvon’s birthday. It was announced today that George Zimmerman and DMX will be fighting in a “Celebrity” Boxing Match. I put the word celebrity in quotes because that’s the problem with this whole thing. The 24 hour news cycle began a story aimed to condemn Zimmerman, then they ignited the debates because people kept flipping the channel, and eventually every writer, pundit and talk show host puffed up their chest with a perverted swollen sense of self-importance to offer their hot take on an incident between two people that somehow became exagerrated to represent the state of affairs of a country of over 300 million. And while the Florida laws stayed written in permanent ink and while Trayvon’s body stayed lying in its coffin, the only result of all this conversation was that George Zimmerman became a “celebrity.” Shame on everybody.

DMX described his motivation, “I am going to break every rule in boxing to make sure I **** him up. Once I am done, I am going to whip my **** out and piss on him. Zimmerman is a piece of **** and that is what he needs to drink.” Then, solemnly, the 43 year old rapper said he wants to fight Zimmerman for “every black person who has been done wrong in the system.”

Can everybody please stop with the bull? This is the most egregious example of self-importance yet. The fight will not be the equivalent of Rocky defeating Ivan Drago to win the Cold War. And it most certainly won’t be the equivalent of a Greensboro diner sit-in or a protest at the front of a bus in Montgomery.

DMX is not a hero in the same way Jack Ruby is not a hero. DMX is a nutjob. He is the final ingredient in a disgusting pot stirred by Celebrity Boxing CEO, Damon Feldman. He has the same perverted self-importance of all the media and Twitter users that narcissitically thought they would make a difference if they inserted themselves into the situation. But DMX in the boxing ring won’t help anybody. It will merely cement another spectacle that two parents of a dead son will have to hear about incessantly. A spectacle that wouldn’t exist if their son were still alive.

Rather than stay silent, sitting humbly in his home to recover from the guilt of a lost life, George Zimmerman looked to turn this into an opportunity for a dollar. Damon Feldman awaited with open arms as long as he got a cut. And DMX inserted himself as the final piece of this twisted celebrity puzzle.

And while I’m sure many people were disgusted and confused by this news, I’m equally sure there’s going to be plenty of people who buy the PPV and cheer voraciously so everybody can see how much they “support” Trayvon Martin. And the Florida laws will stay written in permanent ink. And a body will stay lying in its coffin. And we’ll all just fueling the monstrosity of Zimmerman’s “celebrity.”

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