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American Bald Eagle Hunting

….with a camera of course.  Over the weekend I took a trip to Lock and Dam #14 in LeClaire, Iowa, which is only about 2-3 hour drive from Chicago.  Driving all that way and standing in freezing cold temps for a few hours might not sound like everyone’s cup of tea, but I promise, it’s... Read more »

I survived Chicago Blizzard 2011!

Not going to lie, I was really hoping for 23.1 inches.  I wanted to be around when we broke the record, surpassing 23.0 we had 1967. Although when I walked around, there were plenty of areas that seemed to have well over two feet of snow. (“Officially, this storm ranks #3 all time with 20.2... Read more »

I Support Gery Chico for Chicago Mayor

On February 22nd, Chicagoans will go the the polls to elect a new Mayor. My biggest issue, like many others, is the economy. And more specifically, economic ideas for Chicago.  Here are the candidates economic plans according to their own websites.  If you can, please set aside a few minutes of your day to actually... Read more »

I Support Jay Cutler...for now.

I’ve been a Bears fan for 31 years.  I remember watching Jim McMahon in the 1985 Super Bowl.  That’s right, 1985.  So before we all convict Jay Cutler to a public execution, lets remember how long it’s been since we had a quarterback who has the potential to lead us back to the promised land.... Read more »

Chicago - Through My Eyes in 2010

Another year has come & gone as well as another year of photographing the great city we call home.  I love photography whether it be nature, wildlife, landscapes, macro, travel, or people. When it really comes down to it however, my first true love is showcasing the beautiful city of Chicago through the eye of... Read more »

First Snow in Chicago & night walk around.

Well it’s that time of year.  Time when we lose feeling in our cheeks and tears freeze to our face as we venture outside for longer then three minutes.  As I write this, I’m slowly regaining feeling in my face as the wind chill is a balmy -2 degrees this morning.  We Chicagoans know this... Read more »

Wrigleyville Classic, NU vs Illini @ Wrigley Field

I remember my grandfather telling me stories of watching the Bears play at Wrigley Field.  For anyone in their 40s or younger, football at Wrigley is most likely a foreign concept,  even though the Bears played there for close to 50 years…yes 50! (1921-1970). Wrigley Wiki page.  On Saturday, November 20th 2010, the Northwestern Wildcats... Read more »

Festival of Lights Parade, Michigan Ave.

My first ChicagoNow blog post!!  I’m very new to blogging to please bare with me as I figure out how to properly dive into the bloggesphere world.  Pretty much my only reason for doing this is to showcase the beautiful city of Chicago through the eye of the camera lens.  I’m usually a man of... Read more »