First Snow in Chicago & night walk around.

Well it’s that time of year.  Time when we lose feeling in our cheeks and tears freeze to our face as we venture outside for longer then three minutes.  As I write this, I’m slowly regaining feeling in my face as the wind chill is a balmy -2 degrees this morning.  We Chicagoans know this time all too well.  We won’t feel warm air for at least six months, six long months.

But that’s ok in my opinion.  So many people complain about the weather and wish they can live in a warm climate year round.  I’ve done that (5 years in AZ), and let me tell you, I got sick of the sun.  Yes, I really did.  While Chicago winters might be about forty days too long, I have grown to really appreciate those spectacular warm summer nights.  

Don’t worry, those days will be back.

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