Don't get caught with your pants down: a Charmin solution

Don't get caught with your pants down: a Charmin solution

Down to the last square?

It has probably happened to most of us. There you are in the bathroom. You’ve done what you came to do but someone left only one square of toilet paper or maybe none on the roll. You desperately search for a new roll to no avail.

Yuck. What. to do?

Did you know that the average family of four goes through one roll of toilet paper a day so odds are good that this will happen again.

Unless you have a Forever Roll.

The Forever Roll, created by Charmin, has a monthlong supply of toilet paper on one roll. No need to change rolls everyday or worry about running out of tissue–especially when guests are over.

The giant roll is equivalent to 25.8 regular-sized rolls.

Photo: Carole Kuhrt=Brewer

Forever Roll, available at Target, Meijer stores and online, sells for $29.99 for a starter kit and $22.99 for a refill pack.

The starter kit contains 3 Forever Rolls plus an attractive brushed stainless steel paper holder. The refill packages come with 3 Forever Rolls.

Photo: Carole Kuhrt-Brewer

Not only is this convenient, but it is fun.

Other uses for the Forever Roll

The perfect gift for the person who has everything.

It makes TPing players yards after Friday night lights a breeze.

Entertain your cat (and some dogs) by letting them unravel the enormous roll. Then post the results on Instagram.

Just in time for Halloween

How about a Halloween costume? Get creative. A mummy…an accident victim…ghost?

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