The Machine Inside at the Field Museum explores the mystery of of animals and plants in nature

The Machine Inside at the Field Museum explores the mystery of of animals and plants in nature

The cheetah, the world’s fastest land animal, is one of many specimens included in The Machine Inside: Biomechanics, a new exhibition at the Field Museum, that examines how plants and animals are built by nature to survive.

The groundbreaking exhibition, opening September 3, 2021, offers visitors a close look at the marvels of nature and survival.

  • A cheetah running up to 70 miles per hour.
  • A bird that flaps its wings against the wind.
  • A burr that sticks to your sock.

All are examples of nature’s incredible bioengineering that are explored in the exhibition.

“Biomechanics, or nature’s engineering, can be found anywhere. It’s all around us,” said Katie Arnold, exhibition project manager. “After seeing this show, we really want people to see the natural world around them differently.”

The exhibition, originally showcased at the museum in 2014, represents a range of research from scientists at the Field, showing an incredible array of biodiversity found in plants and animals we know as well as some that may be unfamiliar. Biomechanics gives visitors a chance to learn about animals they might not have heard of before, like luna moths that use their fluffy antennae to smell a potential mate from seven miles away. In addition to highlighting nature itself, each section of the exhibition showcases technological breakthroughs that were inspired by nature’s ingenuity, like Velcro, wind turbines, and chainsaw blades.

What: The Machine Inside: Biomechanics 
When: Opens September 3, 2021
Where: Field Museum, 1400 S Lake Shore Drive, Chicago
Tickets: Click here
Read more about the exhibition here.

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