Prepare for the new normal with a free download of Millennial Samurai

Prepare for the new normal with a free download of Millennial Samurai

What does the new normal mean for your future?

Empower, embrace are strong words from author and former Nevada Attorney General George J. Chanos in his new book Millennial Samurai that offers a roadmap for facing the challenges that lie ahead.

COVID-19 has changed the world in ways we couldn’t have imagined as little as a few months ago.

How can we prepare this new world?

Chanos believes that the best way to prepare for the post COVID-19 future is for today’s leaders to educate and inspire tomorrow’s leaders. 

To these ends he is donating one million digital copies of new book “Millennial Samurai” here.

The book was inspired by a major heart attack that Chanos suffered in November of 2012. His brush with death left him resolved to prepare his daughter and nephew for the future.

In the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the timing for his book couldn’t be better. His desire to prepare his family for a future, that he knew would be nothing like his own past, resulted in eighteen months of research and the 2019 publication of “Millennial Samurai: A Mindset for the 21st Century.”

“Millennial Samurai” offers hope and help for millennials and others to build their minds, their confidence and their readiness for the future.wendy1

“To survive and thrive in the 21st Century, you will need to pivot and adapt to a rapidly and radically changing environment,” says Chanos about his new book that focuses on a movement to empower people to embrace change.

Chanos explains in his book that America is at a tipping point with radical changes already under way. He says, “in a time when we should be planning and preparing for the future, we are instead divided by race, age, sex, religion, economics and identity politics – and we are paralyzed by political dysfunction.”

“Millennial Samurai” is Chanos’s way of being part of the solution to these problems. His goal is to guide the millennial generation, and beyond, to ready themselves for the future as we rise out of the COVID-19 pandemic and encounter what he describes as a “tsunami of technological change on the horizon.”

About Chanos

wendy2George J. Chanos grew up in Wauwatosa Wisconsin and attended Wauwatosa West High School. Chanos served as Nevada’s 31st Attorney General from 2005-2007, where he administered Nevada’s Department of Justice and acted as the state’s chief legal officer. 

Prior to serving as Attorney General, Chanos had a legal career representing individual and corporate clients on all matters relating to growth and management of their businesses.

Today, Chanos resides in Las Vegas as an author, speaker and business consultant. He has served on numerous boards, both civic and corporate. For the last ten years he has served as Chairman of Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop Inc., with over 100 stores in 19 states, where he advises and mentors his Millennial partners. 

Other books by Chanos

“Seize Your Destiny: Choices That Lead to a Happy, Successful and Meaningful Life” (pub. 2016).

In addition to free digital copies of “Millennial Samurai.” hard copies are available on Amazon.

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