COVID-19: A photo journey through our new world

Could necessary shifts in our way of life as we fight COVID-19 pave the way for a more humane society?

The coronavirus has turned the world as we know it upside down. We are repeatedly reminded to shelter in place, wash our hands, wear a mask while being bombarded with growing death counts from COVID-19, lack of a cure and the growing fear there won’t be enough hospital beds or ventilators to save people.

Taking a break from the headlines, Show Me Chicago is hosting a series of the lighter side of the pandemic and how it might play out in our future.


Drive thru beer

We’re told not to drink and drive but desperate times call for desperate measures. Thus in Evanston, Il. early headquarters for the Women’s Temperance Union, and dry until the 1970’s, a drive-thru beer stop at Temperance Beer Co. (2000 Dempster) has become a sign of the times. 

Blue Skies over India

Something not seen for years, blue skies (and stars at night) over New Delhi, India. Government data shows, with people sheltering in place, the average concentration of PM 2.5 plunged by 71% in the space of a week — falling from 91 microgram per cubic meter on March 20, to 26 on March 27 (the World Health Organization considers anything above 25 to be unsafe). Could this have a lasting effect as the way we look at the environment and climate change?

Finally a little privacy

Hong Kong zoo. Photo: Getty Images

Hong Kong zoo. Photo: Getty Images

Good news on the Panda front. After 13 years of being gawked at and photographed, pandas, Ying Ying and Le Le at Ocean Park in Hong-Kong, found the privacy they craved (because of the lockdown) in order to make love–and maybe a baby panda or two.

Say hello to the return of the phone call


It seems that social distancing and sheltering at home has caused people to reach out via the phone. Verizon reported that they are now handling an average of 800 million wireless calls a day, more than double the number made on Mother’s Day–historically one of the busiest call days of the year. Could cursive and letter writing be next?

A Cease-fire in Yemen


Saudis announced a cease-fire in the war in Yemen, which could pave the way toward ending the five-year conflict–in part because as many as 150 members of the Saudi royal family are believed to have contracted the virus.

Dogs getting a new leash on life


Whether it is lack of human interaction or just extra time to train a new puppy, it seems for the first time in many years–we have cleared the shelters.

Prices at the pump reach new lows


Although not good for the economy, low prices at the pump are certainly good for the pocketbook.

The Return of the Family Dinner


With no school, no little league, no dance, not much of anything, people are finding comfort in food. Many families are not only eating together but cooking together, often from scratch, trying new recipes.

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