There are worse things than winning the mega millions lottery but I can't think of many

There are worse things than winning the mega millions lottery but I can't think of many

As of Tuesday morning, the jackpot remained at $1.6 billion with a cash payout of $904 million.

Lotto fever has become an epidemic with lines forming everywhere from your local convenience store to the corner tavern.

Both local and network media are spending way too much time covering the odds of winning, the best numbers to pick, the rising jackpot and what someone can buy with all that money.

Like you could buy your own private island or a NFL Football team or even Buckingham Palace (with an additional small mortgage) if it were for sale. But do you really want to live on a private island? And do you even like football?

Other breaking big money factoids:

  • Did you know that one billion $1 bills would cover a 4-square mile area, or the equivalent of 2,555 acres.
  • Or that one billion $1 bills would weigh around 10 tons. And if you wanted your winnings in quarters–and who wouldn’t–it would weigh 22,680 tons.

So think hard before you buy that ticket. Even though the odds are against you, you could win. And then what?

Don’t forget, it’s life changing.

Do you really want to change your life?

Ask yourself, if I am happy now why should I gamble against my happiness–as we all know money doesn’t buy happiness.

If you have friends now,¬† you can be pretty sure they like you because you are you. If you have a billion or so dollars, you can’t be so sure.

Do you like your job? If you become super rich, you’ll have a new job–figuring out what to do with all that money.

Suddenly you’ll be¬†different from your co-workers and friends. But you will also be different from people that were already living that life from those born rich or worked years to get there.

You’ll become a target for scammers and even illegal lawsuits.

You think you get a lot of text messages and phone calls now, your phone will never stop ringing.

You’ll hear from long-lost relatives, the needy and the greedy. So think hard before you buy that ticket.

Instead go for a sure bet.

Take the $2 you set aside to buy a lotto ticket and buy yourself a cup of joe or better yet give it to a worthy cause.

If you go against all this sage advice and buy a ticket anyway and win and then have second thoughts–always know that you can get rid of the money in 578 days by spending $20 a second.

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