Forced From Home: An interactive tour at Daley Plaza

Forced From Home: An interactive tour at Daley Plaza

There is only one day left for this free interactive tour, Forced From Home, presented by Doctors Without Borders at Daley Plaza.  The well- orchestrated tour offers visitors an opportunity to better understand the global refugee crisis.

The tour is lead by MSF aids who guide participants through the 10,000-square-foot space on the Plaza that has been  designed to convey the challenges facing a person forced to flee their country.

Participants are given an identification card at the entrance that will give them a county of origin from where they are fleeing. Then in an introduction they’ll learn more about “their” country and the other countries where people must flee.img_3274

Participants will be met with real life challenges such as to choose what you would take if you could only bring 5 things. You’ll have to think fast.

The tour content is suitable for all ages, however the website says children should be 12+. I think a mature 10-year-old could benefit, if you discussed it with him/her first. We had several children on our tour (at least one under 12) that asked and answered intelligent questions and seemed to be highly involved in the process. forcedfromhome

Check out the video here, then if you are interested, make plans to get there today. The free tours are ginen every 8 minutes and last approximately one hour. Meet at the entrance of the exhibit on Washington between Clark and Dearborn.

What: Forced From Home
When: Through today, September 30, 10am to 8pm
Where:Daley Plaza, 50 W. Washington, Chicago, IL

Upcoming tours

Charlotte, NC – October 7-14

Atlanta, GA – October 21-28

San Antonio, TX – November 4-11

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