Brick by Brick at the MSI: LEGO creations beyond imagination

Brick by Brick at the MSI: LEGO creations beyond imagination
LEGO designer Adam Reed Tucker putting the finishing touches on his LEGO replica of the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, in Dubai

LEGO lovers are in for an adventure of a lifetime at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry’s new temporary exhibit Brick by Brick, that opened March 10.

Not only LEGO fans, but budding architects, full blown architects and fun-lovers of all ages should enjoy this LEGO spectacular.

The larger than life exhibition literally takes visitors on a tour of some of the most impressive architectural masterpieces and engineering wonders of the world created by LEGO® Certified Professional Adam Reed Tucker—one of only 13 designated masters worldwide.

Tucker, an Arlington Heights native, who created and designed the architectural kit series for LEGO, spent the past year engineering and building this amazing collection of more than a dozen giant LEGO® structures that features a 60-foot-long Golden Gate Bridge, the International Space Station, St. Louis Gateway Arch, Hoover Dam, Roman Colosseum, Six Flags American Eagle Roller Coaster, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and more.

Hands on activities include two pulleys--on with one rope--the other with 3 ropes. Photo: Carole Kuhrt-Brewer

Great America’s Wooden Roller Coaster, American Eagle. Photo: Carole Kuhrt-Brewer

Anne Rashford, director of special exhibitions, summed up the mission of the Brick by Brick exhibition saying the museum is trying to let people of all ages “maintain their sense of play.” This is right in tune with LEGO itself–as the first two letters of the Danish words LEG GODT that LEGO was derived from mean “play well.”

Visitors will have the opportunity to do just that “play well” as the exhibition is loaded with tons of fun facts about LEGOs, a special LEGO DUPLO building area for young children, inneractive challenges and more.

Such as: Simple machines and engineering to lift yourself and friends to great heights using two pulleys–one using one rope, the other equipped three ropes where guests can discover which one is easier to pull their body weight up to the top.

The pulley challenge. Photo: Carole Kuhrt-Brewer

The pulley challenge. Photo: Carole Kuhrt-Brewer

And the opportunity to test building skills by constructing a structure that will be able to withstand the tremor of earthquakes.


Earthquake building station. Photo: Carole Kuhrt-Brewer

Plus see what it feels like to walk on an I-Beam used by construction workers in steel-beamed buildings; make your own creations at a special LEGO open build area, compete in a live design challenge (4 times an hour), watch time-lapse videos of buildings under construction and learn important information about some of the world’s greatest structures.

Another area of the exhibition that is divided into four cornerstones (1. Push the Limits; 2. Build Successfully; 3. Form Equals Function) is the fourth cornerstone, Build Beauty that includes visionary structures from top architectural firms from Chicago and around the world such as this design–at the cross-section of the physical and digital world–from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Photo: Carole Kuhrt-Brewer

Photo: Carole Kuhrt-Brewer

Now is the perfect time to “Explore the power of play” at this innovation exhibition.

Where: Museum of Science and Industry, 5700 S. Lake Shore Drive
When: March 10, 2016 and will run through February 2017
Tickets: The exhibition requires an additional, timed-entry ticket ($9 for adults and $7 for kids ages 3-11) or included in Explorer ticket packages. Click here or call 773-684-1414.

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