Earth Day Quiz: How Green Are You

Today is Earth Day. The first Earth Day took place 45 years ago on March 21, 1970, which was the first day of spring that year. Newspaper editor John McConnell, proposed the idea of Earth Day at a UNESCO Conference on the Environment in 1969.

greendrinkOriginally the observance was to remind people of their shared responsibility to take care of the earth.

Since then Earth Day has moved to April 22—and is marked by celebrations throughout the week.

In Chicago, there are Earth Day activities at public gardens, schools and restaurants.

One Earth Day Special takes place at Kanela, Wednesday, April 22 where diners can drink green with a $6 green machine smoothie (pictured here) featuring spinach, avocado, wheatgrass, banana and orange juice.

In honor of Earth Day, Show Me Chicago has put together a quiz to see how green you are:

  • Do you turn off your computer at night?
  • Do you go meatless one day a week or more? (Did you know that one less meat-based helps the planet saving 2,500 gallons of water for each pound of meat produced).
  •  Do you wash your clothes in cold water?
  • Do you use cloth instead of paper napkins?
  •  Do you use a reusable bottle rather than a plastic bottle for your water?
  • Do you buy local when you have the choice?
  • Do you turn down your thermostat in the winter and keep your air conditioning higher in the warm weather? (Did you know that each degree you dial up or down on your thermostat will save about 10% on your energy use).
  • Do you use your computer and email instead of paper whenever possible? (Did you know that the average American receives 40 pounds of junk mail each year, destroying 100 millions trees).
  • Do you bike, take public transportation, walk or carpool instead of taking your own car whenever possible?
  • Do you recycle?

Give yourself one point for every yes and give yourself an extra point because you are reading this online at ChicagoNow thus saving many trees.

11 points…You are so green even Kermit the Frog would be jealous. Congratulate yourself and keep up the good work.

8 to 10 points...You are doing a great job…but you could do even better.

5 to 7 points…It isn’t easy being green…but you can be better.

5 points or less..Feeling a little guilty–you should…but don’t give up on yourself.

Have a happy Earth Day and remember the 4 R’s- Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

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