Chicago Tough: Are You Tough Enough for a Chicago Winter?

Chicago Tough: Are You Tough Enough for a Chicago Winter?

Love it or hate it…Chicago can get cold in the winter.  Chicago’s winter of 2014 was the coldest in 110 years. The winter of 2015 has been a little warmer but we are still breaking records.

Yesterday we broke two records. One for the lowest low at 8 below zero and the other for the lowest high at 3 degrees above zero (not to mention wind chills).  Today we are waking up to 19 below zero wind chills.

Not everyone can handle a Chicago winter but for those who can, there is a reward at the end of the rainbow…or snowdrift. It’s called July and August and they are so much sweeter because we survived.

See if you are a survivor:

1. Do you wear a hat when the wind chill dips below zero?
2. Do you wear gloves when the wind chill is below zero?
3. Do you ever wear mittens, (exceptions skiing or building a snowman)?

Score one point for each no.

4. Would you eat an ice cream outside in winter?
5. Do you run along the lakefront or an equally cold, windy, icy area…instead of running inside on a treadmill?
6. Do you take the bus, el, walk or bike instead of taking a car or taxi to work or play in winter?

Score one point for each yes.

7. Have you ever done a polar plunge? Once, never, again–or once and looking forward to next year..or many times.

Score three for doing it–subtract one for never again. Add an extra point for doing it more than once.

8.  Have you ever helped a homeless, disabled or elderly person that seemed to be having a difficult time in the cold?
9.  Have you ever dug out a parking place (without erecting a dibs sign) shoveled a neighbors walk or driveway just because you could and you knew it would help someone else.

Add one point for each yes.

10. Have you ever ran outside in shorts–below freezing? Below zero?

Add one point for running in shorts below freezing. Three points for running in shorts below zero.

11. Have you ever called in sick to work, for no other reason than to stay at home (in bed) to avoid the wind chill?

Subtract 5 points and move directly to Florida (or Arizona).

Are You Chicago Tough?

Top score possible is 15.  Lowest score is 5 below.

10 to 15…You are a survivor…you are Chicago tough.

7  to 9…You’re almost there…you just need to try a little harder. In you want to add some quick points there are over 20 polar plunges coming up in the next two weeks in Chicago.  Here’s one.  For more, just Google Chicago polar plunges.

4 to 7…You are wavering, You can go either way. Don’t give up. Chicago is worth the effort.

3 to 1…You are either new in town, just visiting or a loser.

Below zero: Come back in July…or never. You probably don’t deserve a Chicago July.

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