Chicago Thanksgiving Parade: Better Than Macy's New York City Parade

Chicago Thanksgiving Parade: Better Than Macy's New York City Parade
Chicago's Thanksgiving Parade flying high

The Chicago Parade Controversy continues with Tulsa World Oklahoma columnist, Ginnie Graham calling Chicago’s Thanksgiving Parade better than Macy’s New York City parade and thanking WGN-TV in Chicago for “saving Thanksgiving with the most outstanding broadcast of a parade.”

The reputation of Chicago’s parade was at stake after last Thursday’s parade, when we received an email from a very unhappy parade-goer saying:

“Lamest parade ever. Deflated balloons, ghost busters, Santa singing some fox song at the end…Highlighted by the grand Marshall (whoever she was) and a bodyguard, who was wearing a New York sweatshirt. Gee I’ll make sure I see it next year.”

Since I did not see the parade, I wanted to know if it was really that awful as I know how important the parade is to the city and how much work goes into it.

On Saturday we posted the email we received on Show Me Chicago asking for reader response with the question “Was Chicago’s Thanksgiving Parade a Turkey?”

Our responses were mixed with more positive than negative comments and emails.

On Monday, I came across Graham’s column comparing the Macy’s New York City parade to Chicago saying, “my son and daughter made it 15 minutes before they gave up” (watching the NYC parade). Finally she reported that she looked for another channel with “any other parade.”

It was at that point that she landed on Chicago’s 80th McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade broadcast on WGN America. She said, “In five minutes, there were two bands, four floats, two balloons, a horse brigade and a dance troupe from the Denise Sabala Dance Company.”  She  complimented the anchors for the details they added saying, “That’s what I want to see and hear in my parade coverage. Not the slick, star-studded commercial for the Great White Way.”

Graham concluded her column saying “The Windy City deserves thanks for preserving this Thanksgiving tradition.”

It seems, at least to Graham, that Chicago’s parade was about the true meaning of the holidays and not just a vehicle for promoting network shows…it looks like maybe, just maybe, Chicago got it right again.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Jon Stewart.

To read the Graham complete column click here.

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