Twinkies Back Today: How Sweet it is

Twinkies, a Chicago institution, invented in suburban Schiller Park in 1930 by James Dewar has been making big news for the past eight months.  In November of 2012, a near panic arose across the nation when Hostess Brands announced that it would be closing down its operations and that the Twinkie, who had the reputation of lasting forever would be meeting its proverbial maker.

After runs on stores and desperate searches on eBay and craigslist for the endangered sponge-filled finger, all is at peace again as Twinkies have been resurrected and are hitting store shelves today–from Wal-Mart to your local market and even on wheels.

twinkiesbackWhat’s New?

Even though people thought, Twinkies lasted forever, it seems that this was not entirely true. The good news for the “new and improved” Twinkie, now a product of private equity firms Apollo Global Management and C. Dean Metropoulous & Co. out of Kansas City, Mo., is that its life span has been increased–making it last forever and a day.  Or according to a company spokesman–“the shelf life of Twinkies has been extended from the original 26 days to 45 days.”  This is due to a slightly different recipe that lets Twinkies remain at their peak of freshness for an additional three weeks.

The reincarnated version contains less calories weighing in at 130 calories vs. 150 for the original treat. That may be due to its slightly smaller girth.

In addition to the beloved Twinkie, the family reunion includes the return of Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, Zingers, Suzy Qs, Sno Balls and Hostess Cupcakes while eliminating less popular family members from the Hostess line-up including jelly doughnuts and Strawberry CupCakes.

Watch for a multimillion-dollar marketing campaign to be rolled out shortly under the banner of “The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever” with social media, outdoor banners and a Hostess food-truck tour all playing starring roles.  You can also expect the cream-filled cakes to make to be popping up in many more places including movie theaters, sports stadiums, restaurants, hotels and food trucks.

And don’t be surprised if the Hostess line-up embraces some new and healthier products with whole grains, natural sugar substitutes and even a gluten-free version of the Twinkie all on the horizon.

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