Graham Elliot Bowles Opens His 1st Grahamwich in Chicago.


Chicago:  Get Ready to Add a New Word to Your Food Vocabulary.

Chicago, December 15, 2010. It was a long time in coming but Graham Elliot Bowles’ Grahamwich has finally arrived in its 1000-square foot welcoming space in the historic Tree Studios building at 615 N. State. Grahamwich officially opens today at 11:30a.m.  The idea is simple, the formula genius.  In a word it’s sandwiches, or should I say Grahamwiches from a 4-star chef at fast food prices.  The offerings are creative, healthy and seasonal.

You can order your food to go or sit at the recycled wood 18-seat communal table. Bowles has made it easy and enjoyable to order.  He has broken down the menu into seven categories listed on a huge chalkboard menu board behind the counter. The pricing couldn’t be more simple with the same price charged for every item in each category.

1.  Sandwiches $10 each.
Eight seasonal sandwiches are offered.  On the current menu, you can choose from: jibarito press, beef short rib, bahn mi, pastrami reuben, smoked whitefish, grilled cheese, turkey confit and a veggie wrap.

2. Sodas $3 each.
Currently the choices include vanilla cola, lemon line, orange ginger and root beer.

3. Pastries $4 each. (Fritz Pastry).
The pastry menu includes tarts, whole grain muffins, donuts and croissants–many of which are vegan.

4. Snacks $5 each.
Snacks include truffled popcorn and chips toasted with a variety of powders including cheddar cheese, ranch, chives and sea sallt.

5. Metropolis Coffee $4 for double-shot French press.
No decaf, no tea–just top-notch latte, cappuccino, and espresso.

6. Juices  $2 each.

7. Soft Serves at $4 each.
Soft serve Greek yogurt with promegranate or cinnamon stick with roasted apples. 

7a.m. to 11p.m.

Coming Soon.
Not one to waste a good idea, look for Bowles to open two additional Grahamwiches  in 2011– most likely in the Loop and the Wicker Park/Bucktown area.  

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