Smoothies Showdown: McDonald's versus Jamba Juice. Limited Time Discounts in Chicago and Some Other Markets.

The Smoothies War.


A war of sorts has broken-out between Jamba Juice and McDonald’s.  It seems that Mickey D’s has been stepping on Jamba’s frozen turf by selling a cheaper alternative.  So Jamba Juice retaliated by creating a humorous commercial about a fake Cheeseburger Chill on YouTube. The video is a hit drawing 300,000 visitors to date.

In essence, the Jamba video puts down McDonald’s for jumping into something they know little about in a brief message asking:  “What’s beefy, smothered in cheese, loaded with your favorite condiments and blended to creamy perfection?” The answer:  “Jamba Juice’s new Cheeseburger Chill Smoothie.”  Of course, there is no Cheeseburger Chill Smoothie and Jamba Juice emphasizes that they are NOT getting into the burger business–unlike some burger chains that are getting into the smoothies business. 

The Competition Heats Up.


This Monday, Jamba Juice added more fuel to the fire when it announced “The Great Smoothie Showdown.”  Until August 15, Jamba will honor any McDonald’s smoothie coupon–even the FREE ones, in select showdown metro areas (including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, New York, Chicago, Denver and Miami).  If you don’t have a McDonald’s coupon, you can download on on the Jamba website

Jamba Juice Smoothies versus McCafe Smoothies…May the Best Smoothie Win.

1.Real Fruit versus Fresh Fruit.
McDonald’s advertises real fruit.  Their real fruit is fruit puree and concentrated fruit juices.


Jamba Juice is made with real fruit that you can see as they create your smoothie.  Jamba wins.

2. Menu choices.
Jamba Juice offers 30 smoothie choices.  McDonald’s offers only 2.  Jamba wins.

3.  Price competition.
McDonald’s charges $2.29 for a small (12 ounce) Strawberry Banana Smoothie.  Jamba Juice’s Berry Yumberry Smoothie (16 ounces) is 3.89.   McDonald wins.

4. Nutritional value ounce for ounce.


When comparing the online nutritional content of Jamba’s Strawberry Whirl and McDonald’s Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Jamba’s drink has less sodium, fewer calories and less sugar than McDonald’s smoothie. Jamba’s smoothie also contains more vitamins and minerals. 
Jamba wins.

5. Location, location, location.
McDonald’s has over 31,000 locations.  Jamba Juice has 745 locations.  McDonald’s wins.
For store locations for McDonald’s or Jamba Juice go to insider pages.

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