Chicago Blackhawks in final drive for the Stanley Cup...but who is Stanley and how about those ticket prices.

Chicago Blackhawks in final drive for the Stanley Cup...but who is Stanley and how about those ticket prices.

Anybody have an extra $17,000?  No double that, how about $34,000 for a pair of tickets in the United Center’s penthouse seats for a Stanley Cup playoff game.  Actually now that I think about it, maybe I’d rather stand for $315 ($630 a pair) and pay my rent for the next year or two, OR three.

Of course, I could just go to the Billy Goat, down the street and for the price of a couple of cheezborgers and a few beers, see the game, hear the overflow noise from the crowd and still feel the love.  The Goat, 1535 W. Madison. 312 733 9132.


Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley, Lord Stanley of Preston, was Governor General of Canada.

Lord Stanley of Preston.

In1892, Lord Stanley of Preston bought a small gold-plated silver bowl for 10 Guineas (approximately $50) and the tradition began.

Originally, the “bowl” was awarded to the best hockey team in Canada.


  • In 1910, the National Hockey Association took possession of the Stanley Cup, and since 1926 only NHL teams have competed for this treasured prize.
  • The original cup is now surrounded by protected glass in the Lord Stanley’s vault in the National Hockey’s Hall of Fame’s  Verizon Great Hall.  Brookfield Place, 30 Yonge St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • The “Cup” has undergone many changes since the 1892. The current Cup consists of a bowl, three tiered bands, a collar and five uniform bands.  It is 35 1/4 inches tall and weighs 34 1/2 pounds.
stanley cup.jpg


Once the Cup is presented to the championship team, the celebrations begins.  Each of the organization’s players and staff get to  spend 24 hours alone (or with anyone of their choosing) with the Cup–a tradition which is unique to the NHL and the Cup. Some unusual places where the Cup has been guest of honor include: backyard barbeques, weddings, strip clubs and local pubs.  Reportedly, it has been both urinated and defecated into.  It has shared a bed with at least one hockey player and his wife.  Both a Kentucky Derby winning horse and a player’s dog has eaten from it.


1. Who was the last organization to win four consecutive Stanley Cups?
2. When was the last time the Chicago Blackhawks won the Cup?
3. When was the last time the Chicago Blackhawks played in Stanley Cup Finals?
4.  What was the original name of the Stanley Cup?
5. When was the original Stanley Cup Retired?


1. The New York Islanders (1980-83).
2. 1961
3. 1992
4. The Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup.
5. In 1969, at age 77.

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