A Poll: What is your favorite Chicago haunt to cure a hangover. The votes are in and the winners are:

Diner Grill.   This spot meets all the qualifications.  1. It is truly a dive, located in a “converted”


trailer with 14 seats at the counter.  2. It is open 24
hours a day. 3. It serves very greasy burgers. 4. It serves a very
drunk clientele. 5. It’s cheap.  Recommended: The artery clogging
“Slinger,”  a layer of hash browns, a burger, cheese and eggs,
smothered in chili.  If you are especially drunk and have a sophomoric
sense of humor, order the X-rated Mickey Mouse pancake. 1635 W. Irving
Park.  773 248 2030.

J. Dawg and Burger.  Recommended: The “dawgs” covered with dyed green relish, the greasy burgers,  and the shakes that are so thick you have to eat them with a spoon,  Cash only.  822 N. State St. 773 489 1747.

Rebel Bar and Grill.  If your cure for a hangover is to fight the hair of the dog with more of what did you in in the first place then the tangy Bloody Mary at Rebels may be your cure.  Recommended:  The Mac and Cheese bites with creamy cheddar cheese or the Rebel Burger–a greasy 1/2 lb. of beef layered with bacon, cheese and mushrooms.  3462 N. Clark, 773 975 2010

Scooters.  Craving something something fat and creamy, Scooters is just your ticket.  Just remember this is basically a family place–a good day after place when the buzz has worn off but the headache lingers. Recommended:  The Boston Shake, a 16-ounce concoction starting with a basic malt or milkshake then topped with one scoop of vanilla custard, chocolate syrup and whipped cream–available in a variety of flavors.1658 W. Belmont.  773 244 6415 www.scootersfrozencustard.com
Honorable mention in the fat and creamy category is Five Faces at 10 W. Division St. for great ice cream, burgers and gyro.

Pizza Metro. Great spot for vegetarians with hangovers.  Many veggie and cheese offerings including a very good grilled veggie pizza.  For the meat eaters in the crowd the Meatball Sandwich topped with melted cheese may do the trick.  1707 W. Division. 773 278 1753.

Runners up:  P.J. Clarke’s, 1204 N. State Parkway, Butch McGuires, 20 West Division St.,  Five Guys, 2140 N. Clybourn St., Gibson’s, 1028 N. Rush and Edgewater Lounge, 5600 N. Ashland.

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