The risk I won't take...

I’ve been talking a lot about taking risks lately. Jumping in. But, I am a hypocrite. I’m afraid to take the risk I most want to take. I can’t make myself jump in. I want to run down the up escalator or up the down escalator.  Every single time I am on an escalator an... Read more »

Caitlyn Jenner is an American Hero and I'm happy to unfriend you if you disagree

During the Ferguson riots a girl I went to high school with posted to facebook a meme that said “You know what wasn’t looted in Ferguson? Work boots” It was ignorant and it was racist and I called her out on it.  I did not used to be a confrontational person. I have always held... Read more »

Take two

One year ago at this time I made a decision that would change my life in untold ways. One year ago I decided I was going to leap and make a major decision with less fore thought than I would ordinarily give what brand of toothpaste to buy.  It was brash, and some might say... Read more »

My Ah-Ha moment: Puppy tales part 1

It’s not even 9 a.m. and I’ve been up for over three hours. That’s probably nothing for those of you who have to go into work every morning but I work from home so 6 a.m. is early for me. Actually, I should say WAS early for me. For the last two weeks I’ve been... Read more »

May is Mental Health Awareness Month: My final post on the topic. Don't let crazy win

This is my final post for mental health awareness month and one that I am so proud to be able to write. Truth is, for many years of my life, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to write this post. I didn’t think I’d ever be at this place is my life; I live... Read more »

The top 5 things I learned in therapy...

Today I’d like to share with you the top 5 things I learned in therapy. I paid good money for this stuff but I offer it to you for free.  Good luck with them though. They are fairly easy to learn but hard to master. 1. Feel your emotions. Feel them all the way.  Then... Read more »

Mental Health Awareness: My crazy depression

May is mental health awareness month. This is my second post on my life with mental illness, depression and anxiety, aka my crazy (click here to read the first post: ).  Please note: it should go without saying but just because I am comfortable calling my problems “my crazy” doesn’t mean that it’s ok to... Read more »

The water's fine

Let’s face it take even a cursory look at my life and you’ll know that I am not really the most ideal person to take advice from. But, if you have a sense of adventure and humor then please, keep reading. “Just jump.” That was my reply when a friend asked me what my biggest... Read more »

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I am Mentally Ill

Have you ever started getting ready to go somewhere: showered, gotten dressed, done your hair, and if applicable, your make up, all the while drinking Pepsi, then water, then a glass of wine, to keep yourself going only to get to the last part… putting on shoes, and found the whole thing too exhaustive and... Read more »

So this is adulthood hu? (part 1)

Things I did not expect about adulthood: My lack of a mortgage, a husband, and a dependent leads some to believe I am not an actual adult despite the fact that I am know my credit score, get my bone density checked, and use a sonic care toothbrush. Although I live with no one under... Read more »