Chicago Sky Go Down - no wait - SKY WIN

Last night’s Chicago Sky game versus the Las Vegas Aces started out terrible – there is no other way to describe it. Some may have left their TV’s, screens or laptops thinking this game is already over. But NO – hang in there because this is the 2021 Champs version of the Chicago Sky and they not only came back with a vengeance, they came back and made history making up a 28 point deficit to win the game by nine points.

Throwing out that first quarter, the Sky started their comeback with much more intense defense, more and more scoring by a variety of players, and looking like the old team that won the championship last season. Early in the game the score was 25-4 with the Aces on top by a huge margin. The Sky closed to within 11 by halftime and the break afforded the much needed time for the Sky to regroup.

The Sky began the third by scoring 20 of the first 24 points and going up by 5 as Las Vegas shot only 15.4 percent from the field in the period, while Chicago made 59.1 percent of its shots. Another major key stat was that Las Vegas shot 15.4 percent from the field in the period, while Chicago made 59.1 percent of its shots. The Sky had 5 players shoot in double figures led by our all-star guard Courtney Vandersloot with 25 points followed by our bench player (who could be a starter on any team) Azura Stevens who had 19 points.

The odds were truly against the Sky last night when the game started out, but with grit, determination and some darn good play, the Sky pulled this sweet victory off with flair and became an entry into WNBA history by overcoming such a huge 28 point deficit. The tag line for Las Vegas says – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas except in this case when what happened in Vegas stood out in Vegas!

Can I also just say after this fantastic victory – Emma Meesseman and Rebekah Gardner welcome to the Chicago Sky franchise. These two players in particular have played huge positive roles in many of the Sky’s games this year and I, for one, am happy they play for our team. I also feel the Sixth Player of the Year award should go to Gardner – she’s been awesome and plays her guts out on both offense and defense in every game.

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