Is It Just Me????

Is it just me or is our Chicago Sky all-star Candace Parker a queen of the court? Recently named AP Female Athlete of the Year, she’s also a WNBA Champion, Gold medal Olympian and Collegiate Championship title holder and to keep it even more local – 3 time Illinois Miss Basketball from her high school days at Naperville Central…a true winner in every sense of the word.

Is it just me or are the Chicago Bears dragging out this coaching change that is pretty much inevitable after another miserable season? By delaying the move they continue to torture us already tortured fans and it can’t happen soon enough. This Sunday should prove interesting regarding the coaching staff – maybe we should start a write-in campaign on Facebook to bring back DITKA!

Is it just me or do Chance the Rapper and Bears QB Justin Fields look alot alike – c’mon you tell me – have you ever seen Chance the Rapper at a Bears game or is he already there in full gear playing quarterback? Take a look and tell me what you think…

Is it just me or are the Chicago Blackhawks an enigma this year – at times they look like a championship caliber team and then they play a day or two later and get blown out. They have now suffered 5 losses in a row and are in 2nd to last place in their division. A coaching change early in the season boosted their play for a while but now it is looking rather bleak. Pretty sad when the highlight of a particular game is Jim Cornelison’s rendition of our national anthem.

Is it just me or are the Chicago Bulls the real deal? To be honest, as someone who was around for the Michael Jordan era of Bulls basketball, it has been hard to get excited about this team in any regular capacity for literally decades. Oh there was the buzz surrounding the Derek Rose stint with the team but true success never evolved from those teams. This current roster is not only good, they have shown greatness against some very tough opponents and I must say I am now feeling bullish once again.

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