Life in 2020 and the Chicago Bears - No Laughing Matter

To my fellow Illinoisans…I get it because I got it, too. Quarantine Brain – brain fog – No restaurants, no bars, no movie theaters, no plays, no concerts, no sports early on, no parties. Nothing to stimulate our brains and help distract us from our desire to socialize with fellow human beings outside our personal bubbles. As someone who is suffering through my second work furlough of the year as of November 21st (after a 5 month furlough from March 15-August 15) I am trying to cope during this endless cycle of Groundhog Day. Every day feels the same – reading the paper in the morning with it’s dire statistics of deaths and continuing illness and useless political stories about a federal government that managed to pass a funding bill to keep this useless government open and avert a shutdown while the rest of us have been SHUTDOWN for most of the year. 

Diversions are few – binge watching many many shows and once sports came back watching anything even remotely resembling professional sports in the bizarre shortened seasons of MLB, NHL etc. And then there’s the Chicago Bears – playing great in the beginning and then falling apart by losing the last 6 games and adding to our depressive moods by their horrid play. And just when we need them most. It is most infuriating and inexplicably hard to try to figure out this team and what has gone wrong. It is truly a team effort – or should I say lack of effort.

The Cubs, Hawks, White Sox and Bulls were all disappointments after having high hopes at the beginnings of their seasons, too.  Could quarantine brain have hit these teams too? So many of us have been plagued with brain drain since all of this began in March – hard to concentrate, forgetting things, sleeping too much, getting angry over stupid things, eating too much or forgetting to eat – maybe our pro sports teams suffered these symptoms too although how can you explain the teams that managed to excel during these trying times while ours failed?

Corona Virus, riots and unrest, shutdowns…wearing masks, social distancing, job losses, some businesses gone forever and not a bar open to any of us to drown our sorrows. The only thing good about quarantine brain is that I get distracted so easily by all of the stupid videos on the internet featuring dogs and kids doing crazy things that make me laugh. The rest of the world’s goings-on and our Chicago Bears – definitely NOT a laughing matter.

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