Da Cubs...Da Bitter End

It was a crazy 2018 season for the Chicago Cubs – a very good one with 95 wins and a great year compared to many other MLB teams.  The team reached the post-season for the fourth consecutive year and made history with this stat for the franchise. Even with balky offense in many games, the Cubs hung in there and made it an exciting year for their fans…until the bitter and unexpected end.

It was shocking and disappointing and a big letdown after all the exciting play – Javier Baez’s MVP type year comes to mind along with Bote’s game winning grand slam against the Nats, Bryzzo doing their thing, homers, grand slams, wins wins wins…and then without blinking an eye…it was all over. Cubs bats went silent at the worst possible time of year and suddenly Wrigleyville went silent as well.

Most of us weren’t ready to turn our focus to Da Bears and Da Blackhawks and Bulls just yet…we wanted more Cubs – much more Cubs…post-season Cubs. But it was not to be and that sucks….like those tee shirts they’ve been selling for a couple of years that say “Try Not to Suck” – well this sucked.

I, along with thousands of others, want more – we deserve more after pouring our hearts and souls into this team all season. It was another fun year even though there were struggles along the way but c’mon – 95 wins. There had to be more from a team that had this many victories. Well we wanted more but let’s face it – our team looked tired, played tired and in the end, re-tired.

The team’s schedule was brutal in the last month and a half with 29 games in 30 days thanks in part to Mother Nature and other scheduling issues. No one will convince me otherwise that this did not have an impact on this team and the outcome of an early exit from the post-season. A brutal turn of events and a brutal way for the year to end….I’ll bet many of our Cubbies have slept, slept and slept some more after that stretch. They were drained of energy, worn out and played like it. It’s hard to execute when you’re traveling all over the place and have no days off. Yes I’m making excuses but this was reality for the Cubs and it paid off in a bad way…and now our Cubs can hibernate in their respective dens…while we wallow in our misery. Da bitter end was a tough pill to swallow and it feels too early to be turning our FULL attention to our NFC North first place Chicago Bears!

Cubs 2018 season – GONE TOO SOON!


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