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Sheffield Gazette and Digital Fish Wrap.

Aimed at a wide neighborhood audience the news collected in the Sheffield Gazette and Digital Fish Wrap is frequently based on the notoriously inaccurate accounts of anonymous witnesses, gossip, trivia, unofficial news accounts from  non-government sources, news of recent explorations, commercial advertisements  and the more sensational news items of the day--reports of lurid crimes,  supposed miracles, witchcraft, and the like.

Anticipate if you can, that I’ll be wearing my frustrations about public affairs on my blog sleeves. I've taken to the idea that election and campaign finance reforms are what’s needed to overcome the epidemic indifference and shallow representational lip service of today’s politicians.

Don’t be surprised if you encounter my reoccurring thoughts and frustrations on the Hawks, Bears, Sox, Cubs, local haunts and Jazz.  I like a good pizza (thin crust) but I like a good Italian beef (wet with peppers) too!

I’m interested in exchanging thoughts, ideas and learning, more than opinions and conclusions. Opinions are important to me most when they're supported by real facts and substantive reasoning.

Just don’t expect to keep me in a box, ideological or otherwise—you could change my mind.

So, let’s not decide what doesn't have to be decided today, let’s explore, exchange and put our coffin-ready cemetery clothes and conclusions back in the closet—let’s navigate today looking to tomorrow and see how far we go.