Addicted to Conflict: No Danger of Popular Uprising

Addicted to Conflict: No Danger of Popular Uprising

There’s no real danger of a popular uprising as long as the Powerful Elite can keep us pointed in the wrong direction and angry at each other. 

By RA Monaco

In this moment, the American people are “addicted to conflict”—it sells!  It is what the Press sells and the product of every establishment media outlet.  They want you pissed-off and anxious.

Our internal conflict, serves a larger political purpose.  The Establishment Media—which ever you choose Fox, MSNBC or CNN, your choice—wants you to consume the distraction.  Anger, is the apex of their commercial structure, their business model.  If you genuinely believe you’re practicing real political advocacy watching TV broadcasts, then you’ve become proof of their success—their business model.

Right v Left or Trump v Working People, today’s news is a reality TV show—they’re profit driven Silo’s of anger.  Do you genuinely believe that the Powerful Elite would allow dangerous ideas piped into your TV every day?  Or permit pundits to explain, how their brand of capitalism has compromised the future of your family?

Their political purpose is to keep us from connecting the systemic, political and financial processes that are actually taking place under the radar.  There’s no real danger of a popular uprising as long as the Powerful Elite can keep us pointed in the wrong direction and angry at each other.

Right now, the Powerful Elite need Joe Biden–their Ace-in-the-hole—to step in and protect them.  That’s because all Bernie Sanders’ talking points—Medicare for All, Living Wage, Free College—since the 2016 Election, have become main stream.  They want you to disregard that Joe Biden has done nothing since leaving office and ignore that his brand of Neoliberal economics is now a proven disaster. Don’t worry yourself about Old Joe having no actual policy platform—they’ll tell him what it’s going to be.

The Powerful Elite know that most of you will forget that Old Joe was a mediocre Vice President—he’ll run as Obama’s 3rd term.  Stand him next to Kamala Harris—who is ridiculously attempting to claim that she is a progressive—and they’ve covered the gender and race demographics.

Now, just look at how the Establishment Media has already begun working overtime to sell Old Joe—even before actually throwing his hat into the 2020 Election Ring.  The Fix-is-On and it’s time to ramp up the horse race—forget policy, forget Neoliberal economics, forget that the Powerful Elite vaporized 40 of the World’s Wealth in 2008 and that most people are working more than one job.

Their problem with Bernie Sanders is that he is connecting the dots and pulling back the curtain on the Powerful Elite—let’s call them Wall Street, the Political Establishment, the Wealthy Elite, you choose.  Sanders’ is showing America the systemic mechanisms that have taken away their future and explaining them.  Sanders’ is explaining who is working in the background.  He’s helping us to see their insincerity and how we’ve been captured in endless conflict and kept angry and distracted in a profit driven business model.  That is the Constitutional duty of the Press—not just their job!

At this moment, America is steeped in conflict—angry, anxious and pissed-off at each other—just the way the Elite Establishment needs us to be.  How long before your nightly news cast shows Tucker Carlson looking down into the Washington Press Corps saying to some reporter, “Jane, you ignorant slut!”  We can see our descent almost in slow motion—we have become the actual SNL parody.

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