Let the Season Find You

Let the Season Find You
Rhombus Records

Lean back, surrender and let your body listen.  The warmth of the holiday season will find you in these soulfully rich interpretations of classic holiday music from Doug Webb—Home for Christmas.

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Try it, just be still and let your body listen as Webb’s saxophone renders his soul into musical thoughts that will surely–with your submission–find you.  No visual component is required, just cut off the distractions and close your eyes.

In these musical interpretations, Doug artfully crafts around classic melodies of the holiday season in a way that delivers a remarkably lifting feeling of warmth.  His soul seems to shape every note with a genuine embrace of what makes the holidays special and different.

With smartphones in one hand, a TV blaring from the next room and endless interruptions of every kind, being still is not easy to do these days.  Nevertheless, you owe it to yourself to find those feelings of warmth that the holidays promise.  Home for Christmas is a sure thing—so give it a try.

Don’t clutch at the impulse to do anything.  Let the holiday vibrations find you—let Doug’s soul find you as his breathe pushes into a musical experience that makes the holiday season something more for you.

On the classic Greensleeves, for example, the musicians waltz through the melody and changes in such a way that you’ll find your foot tapping.  It’s joyful and up lifting.

What is most remarkable is that the recording is fresh without effort as if they’re doing nothing more than enjoying those moments together.  In fact, that may have been the recipe for this entire session.

Doug Webb’s saxophone is joined by Kevin Axt on bass, Roy McCurdy on drums and Corey Allen on piano.  Allen, who conducted the orchestra for this Rhombus Records release, also arranged the music.  His arrangements are rich, colorful and perfectly fitted to show off Webb’s subtle sensitive love of these melodies.   Kevin Axt and Roy McCurdy swing madly yet never get in the way of what is best described simply as, “beauty”—let me gush, please!

You don’t need to be a jazz buff, just let the holiday season find you at Home for Christmas.  So, lean back and surrender.  Thanks Doug Webb, Kevin Axt, Roy McCurdy, Cory Allen and Rhombus Records.



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