Letters to the Editor New York Times - David Brooks - The Milquetoast Radicals

Letters to the Editor New York Times - David Brooks - The Milquetoast Radicals

October 11, 2011


Letters to the Editor – New York Times

620 Eight Avenue

New York, NY 10018


RE: David Brooks – The Milquetoast Radicals

Dear David Brooks,

Clearly you believe yourself to have a knowing vision that us “small thinkers” do not.  Your attempt to marginalize the Occupy Wall Street movement is itself cliché.  You deceptively attempt to drive a partisan wedge while providing no real insight that enables others to make a more informed evaluation.  Worse, you do so condescendingly–let us not call that journalism.

You’ve in essence, ignored the root causes of the OWS protests which have caused the disenfranchisement of the protestors.  In your mathematical arguments on taxes you conclude that protesters have no realistic proposal to reduce the deficit as if that is a qualification for being heard.  Clearly, you’re an “I’ve got mine” elite.  What of corporate social responsibility–shouldn’t that be something to factor into your math on taxes? Possibly you might compare the corporate models in Germany, Japan and Canada to ours–just a thought that might educate us “small thinkers” clearly not on your level.

How is it that you ignore the fact that the collusion between Wall Street and elected officials continues despite having cost Americans their jobs, incomes, home equity and savings? Is it too difficult for you to see that the suffering and reality of poor prospects serves to highlight the toxic combination of elected officials craving for campaign cash and Wall Street?  Isn’t there something wrong with Bankers retiring TARP debt with lower interest funds ear marked for economic growth and jobs?  Oh, you probably don’t want to add such petty arguments to your calculus (NOT) of their discontent.

Americans are beginning to understand–though you clearly do not–that the OWS Movement is not a partisan movement and that the partisan dialogue is wedge–a strategic distraction intended to defeat the legitimacy of this protest.

The OWS movement is, as it should be, an attempt to fix the Republic– more precisely, to restore a representative democracy.  Where is your contribution?  Fixing what is wrong with our Republic is not
about finding the middle between Left and Right or living with the incoherent “bipartisanship” in DC that has brought us the sort of justice system that executes Troy Davis, that has brought us the war on drugs, and to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and which has immigrants taking children out of schools, leaving their families behind and fleeing states like Alabama, Utah and Arizona, to name a few.

Your opinion David Brooks,  was a Milquetoast waste of space–you should pay for the ink, you’ve contributed nothing.  Go to the Park and at least make a symbolic effort before you next attempt to divert 99 percent of society.


The Lawscout



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