Celebrate Your Authentic Self During the Holidays

Celebrate Your Authentic Self During the Holidays

For the past eight years since I have been writing and having conversations on gender issues, I have been telling those who struggle with their gender identity to be true to their authentic self and not to “hide in shadows” for life passes by too quickly to waste time not living as the person you were meant to be. And, now after a challenging year living with COVID-19, it seems to be more important than ever to not waste a moment by pleasing others.

This year has tested our very core of our existence and the ability to survive. The virus has affected everyone no matter what gender, nationality or social economic situation they are in. It continues to spread as the vaccine is rolled out, yet it takes time to reach us all who chose to get it. The struggle to stay positive and pay our bills is real. For most of us, our lives have been changed forever and we may have lost friends and family to this virus.

My radio show on gender identity at KGAY was placed on hiatus as the station continues to struggle with revenue. The conversation on gender identity is so important as there is much to learn about those who deal with their gender and there are many! What I have l discovered over the years, is just how much we need to learn about these groups that make up the gender spectrum. Hearing their “voices” is important for our understanding and acceptance of these groups on the alternative gender scale.

My commitment to continue to raise awareness on gender issues is firmly in place. The people I have had the honor of meeting and speaking with have changed my perceptions and enriched my life. Being your “authentic self” is all you can do. Walk the walk and others will follow. Self-acceptance is key and now more than ever, in the midst of a exceptionally challenging time, it is imperative to continue to remain true to your self.

This applies to all of us.

So as we head into Christmas and the New Year, I wish you all hope for a better year filled with self-awareness, good health, inspiration and living your life as you were meant to be!

Happy Holidays & Love!!



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