Where Is the Transgender Movement Headed?

Where Is the Transgender Movement Headed?
In honor of Tasi, a proud Transwoman who I miss very much.

I have been writing on the topic of being transgender for over five years. It all started with submitting my first article to Frock magazine on the issues that crossdressers go through, just by being who they are, mostly straight men who feel an obsession with dressing in woman’s clothing. It all starts at an early age before any hormones kick in. I have written many articles on crossdressers and how they fit into the transgender spectrum. My articles can be found on Sisterhouse.net and here on this site, along with back issues of Frock magazine and the Huffington Post blog when I wrote for the publication years ago.

What I am here to talk about today is “Where is the transgender movement headed?” About the time Caitlyn Jenner came out as a transgender woman, Transparent, I am Jazz, and many other transgender themed T.V, shows. There was so much information coming out so quickly, I believe there was more of a need to get the topic out rather than what the truth was about the transgender community.

I was happy the conversation on being trans was focused on, yet what I still am looking to identify and to report on is who are the transgender groups, what are their expectations from society and how are the groups within this community different? Even in Palm Springs, a town that is the most socially liberal area of the country with a 5 member LGBT City Council, the transgender community is largely misunderstood by the very group who is supposed to be their support group. Unfortunately, the LGB and the straight (cisgender) population don’t really understand what being “Trans” is.

The term Transgender should encompass all of those people who have self-identified with the opposite gender of what they were born as and perhaps, as both ¬†groups. This includes many cross-dressers and transsexuals. The reality is that the trans community are “shades of gender.” This is why I chose the name for my blog here. We as a society have much work to do to better understand the complexity of the transgender community. As they better understand themselves and can articulate their needs and feel good about it, the better we will be able to help them integrate into society.

Until then, we at least have “all gender” private bathrooms in many places in America. For many of the “girls”, using the woman’s bathroom was a “right of passage as a transwoman.” Not anymore, its just a bathroom.

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